Monthly Blog Archives: September 2010

Pocket Instructions.


This post comes courtesy of Lisa King, a new friend I met at Happy Hourlast week. (Isn’t the Internet wonderful sometimes?) I visited Lisa’s blog and loved so many of the things I discovered there. One of my favorite parts of Lisa’s site are the tiny little gems at ...

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Come as you are.


It’s Monday again. That means Happy Hour for us at Simply Celebrate. Hope you’ll join us. This week we’re inviting everyone to “come as you are.” This theme was born out of my crabbiness of the last week. I kept trying everything I could to stop being crabby,...

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Sweating It Out Past the Doubt


Simply Celebrate September Newsletter 2010 By Sherry Richert Belul I’m trying to write about creativity and am having a meta moment. You see, I want to believe that we simply invite creativity in, as if it were like sending out a whimsical invitation, setting the outdoor wooden table wi...

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Enough (Redux)


In continuing honor of letting ourselves, our lives, and this moment be “enough,” I want to share this poem (below) by David Whyte. I used to listen to David Whyte’s CDs about a decade ago, but hadn’t heard him for many years. This poem dropped into my mind out of ...

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Lately I’ve been experimenting with the idea of “just showing up.” What I mean is, trying not to orchestrate. Trying not to plan out the words and the way I want life to unfold. Trusting that I am enough and that whatever I show up with is enough. It has been a tricky practic...

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We Validate Here.


Have you seen this video called Validation? I saw it and loved it a long time ago and my good friend Suki reminded me of it the other day. (Have you watched it yet?  I’m gonna give away the punchline. Go watch it now, then come back, okay?!). Anyway, Suki and I were talking abo...

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Monkey Mind Hates Creativity!


Today at 12n we’re hosting a virtual Happy Hour. Here on the blog and also on our Facebook Simply Celebrate page. I gotta tell you, Monkey Mind is really trying hard to zap my energy and make me feel small and UN-creative. I figured saying that might be a good place to kick the co...

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Why we need creativity in our lives


We just posted some amazing audio about creativity and we’re using it to kick off our first virtual Happy Hour on Monday, September 13th at 12 noon (PST). It’s a tad early to be drinking, but not too early to share some energy elixirs in the form of conversation about how to bring creativ...

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Maltepoo + African children = Open Heart


I’m so inspired! Just heard about a couple of bicycle riders who have made their way aross the U.S. to raise money for Living Compassion’s  Africa Vulnerable Children Project. The bicyclists are accompanied by Trixie Backman — possibly the  first Maltep...

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What’s possible.


Within an hour’s span of time, I witnessed two things that made me reconnect with someplace inside of me that feels like open sky and a field of rich red tulips. 1. I was browsing around online and happened to see a video posted by a wonderful author and mission maker, Amy Krouse Rosen...

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