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{Uplift Gifts} Makeshift Vacation


It's the weekend, my friend. I'm thinking of you and sending some love and a li'l uplift. What's on your schedule this weekend? Do you have something fun planned? Is there something you're excited about? If not, if you are repeating the same-ole, same-ole, Netflix and pizza or running e...

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End the Year with LOVE !


  Hello Beautiful Friend! It's the last day of 2021 and you are on my mind. I'm feeling so grateful for us being able to walk, side by side, through all the ups and downs of life. I know this past year has been filled with a lot of uncertainty, loss, and disappointment. And...

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LoveGram: Friendship Fun!


Hello! Today, I send you a solitary walk along a tree-lined path, your hands warm in colorful knitted gloves. I send you memories of flickering candles and happy laughter at the dinner table, all the gold linen napkins strewn near plates, no one wanting to leave just yet. I send yo...

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Lovegram: Open the Door!


  Hello and Happy Sunday ... Today I am sending you the happy faces of Arnold and his two brothers — photo above. I am sending you the quiet ease of a Sunday and the possibility of a shared meal with family or some space alone to read and reflect. I am sending you renewed...

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{Uplift Gifts} Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Days


Hello Friend! I hope you've been having a good week. I hope you've been treating yourself kindly. I hope you've shared some moments of spontaneity and laughter with people you love. If you listened to my most recent Sunday Audio LoveGram, you know that I just spent a couple weeks in...

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Time to laugh a little


Earlier this week, I promised you I would send you something light and fun. I got wind of a challenge that the Getty Museum in Los Angles was putting out for people to recreate works of art at home. My family gave it a whirl! And because it was so much fun, I posted them on Facebook a...

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