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LoveGram: What’s to Celebrate?


  Hello beautiful friend.  Welcome to your Sunday audio LoveGram.  Today I send you tiki lamps, string lights, and sunflowers.  I send you a gal in a pink wig and a guy in a pork pie hat on a green tandem bike.  I send you cream-colored vintage luggage on the steps o...

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LoveGram: About Birthdays!


Welcome to your Sunday audio LoveGram. Today I send you a pink flamingo. I send you a sunflower, suddenly blossomed, in your front yard. I send you a song, sung just for you, with just the right words to make you feel loved and understood. *** Hey! Today is my birthday! (That...

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LoveGram: Who do you want to be today?


Hey there, beautiful friend! Today I send you a double rainbow. I send you a four-leaf clover right there, where you are about to step. I send you a tiny bug, inching its way across the sidewalk, doing its best to get where it wants to go. *** Welcome to your Sunday audio Lov...

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LoveGram: Space Out!


  Welcome to your audio LoveGram! Today I send you tall pines — steady, solid, and majestic. I send you the lens to see those trees as if this is the very first or very last time you will ever do so. I send you spaciousness. I send you breadth and depth and the whispering...

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LoveGram: Be the One!


  Hello beautiful friend. Welcome to your Sunday audio LoveGram. This week, we're looking at the willingness (and courage!) to be the person to take relationships to deeper, more meaningful levels. My mentor, Brendon Burchard expresses this as "be the one to elevate your re...

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LoveGram: Open the Door


    Hello to you — a blessing in my life. Today I send you that feeling when you dream of discovering a new room in your house that you never knew was there. I send you a heavy oak door, cracked open just enough for the sun to pour in from an unseen window. I send...

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LoveGram: Good Life


  Hello my friend, Welcome to this week's LoveGram. I send you the sound of your best friend’s voice when he answers the phone at a time when you really needed him to be there. And there he is. Today I send you that surge of joy when you pass a baby on the street and she ...

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LoveGram: Mamma Mia


  Happy Sunday to you, beautiful human! How do I know you are beautiful? Because you are here, wanting to focus on love, appreciation, everyday joy, and gratitude. You are here, wanting to make magical moments for yourself and for people you love. I see you. I see your g...

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LoveGram: Advance Love


  Hello beautiful friend, I recorded this LoveGram for you a few weeks ago. I knew I would be traveling and I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten about you or didn’t care about you. We do this for the people we love, right? We try to anticipate in advance so we can...

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{Uplift gifts} Some weekend LOVE in baskets or breakfasts!


    If you celebrate Easter — or even if you don't!— you can make this weekend even sweeter by adding eggstra love. For this uplifting and joyful gift you just need a basket and some of those plastic, fillable eggs or an empty egg carton and some chocolate eggs. Wh...

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