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Live your truth — even at the holidays!


It's a rainy Sunday here in San Francisco and I was thinking about you as I sipped my morning coffee. I was thinking about how the holidays can be such a beautiful time — all of the colorful lights and connections with people we love. And ... I was thinking about how the holidays...

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Step aside Hallmark.


There's a lot of pressure when Valentine's Day rolls around. I've got nothing against love. Nothing against celebrating our affections for someone in our life or bringing more romance into our life. As you know, I LOVE expressing appreciation for people we love. However, there is somethi...

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Happy New Year!


Sherry & Tricia at Simply Celebrate send you best wishes for a new year filled with amazing connections to yourself and the people you love. As you transition out of holiday mode, we hope you'll be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Ease on in. And no resolutions that set you up f...

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A “dah who dor-aze” kinda holiday


October Simply Celebrate Newsletter A “Dah Who Dor-aze” Kinda Holiday By Sherry Richert Belul At the risk of falling into ranks with the likes of those fluorescent-lit stores who are already stocking the shelves with twinkly Christmas lights and inflatable Santas, I want to talk a...

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Gifts on a budget.


For those of you who might be on a tight budget this year, or who just don’t feel like buying a bunch of “stuff,” I want to offer a few suggestions of some gifts that people might really need — but don’t cost you money. Here’s a short excerpt from the “...

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My all-time favorite gift to give.


The holiday swirl is upon us. It happens so fast, doesn’t it? Last night I was fortunate enough to have been given two tickets to see a theatrical production of “A Christmas Carol” with my son at a beautiful old theater here in San Francisco. I loved having a spec...

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