Sometimes we need to seek celebration in the dark corners. It is possible to find the light, even when we are scared, lonely, ill, or grieving. Click on any of the links below to listen, watch, and read some inspiration about celebrating in the dark.

How to Survive in the Dark

Check out this 2-minute video, How to Survive in the Dark, which is a tiny book I made and read aloud to you.

If you’re blue

Check out this audio, If you’re blue, which includes one of my favorite poems about a coconut and happiness.

Celebrating in the Dark: With Alison Luterman

Check out this audio conversation, Conversation with Alison Luterman, which about what happens when we ask for help when we’re in the dark, when we reach out to ask someone for what we want/need, when we don’t try to hide from our shame, and when we allow ourselves our shared humanity. If you’ve ever had trouble asking for help or asking for something you want, I encourage you to listen. You’ve likely heard me use the phrase “Celebrating in the Dark,” and this conversation is a wonderful example of how to let the light flood into dark corners of our lives.

When the world is scary

Here’s another audio I made for when times are tough. When the world is scary helps us all feel less alone. (I hope.)

You belong

You belong reminds us that no matter how we’re feeling, we have a place in the world.

Birthday Kindness Project

My Birthday Kindness Project audio is an exploration of why the world really needs more pinpricks of light!

Celebrate til the very last breath

Here’s a conversation with my dear friend Patty Burgess, who works with people at the end of life. Celebrate til the very last breath will remind us all what is possible for ourselves and those we love.

Doing death differently

Doing death differently is a conversation about how to live — and die — with love.

On death and dying

On death and dying is an audio conversation with my friend Jane Duncan Rogers who helps people have a good death.

Facing Fear

Facing fear is a talk by Candace Dolby which helps us walk through fear.

Bustin’ the blues printable

Bustin’ the blues printables are for you to print out, fill out, and give out when someone you know is blue.