We all need a little oomph sometimes. Click on any of the links below to listen to some audio or watch some video inspiration.

You Do Not Have to be Good

Check out this audio, You Do Not Have to Be Good, which includes one of my favorite Mary Oliver poems.


This is one of my favorite new practices! The Art of Re-appreciation.

A New Agenda for the Day

Here’s a way to change your mindset about your day: Write Yourself into a New Day is a fun and effective way to jumpstart joy.

Quick Pick-Me-ups

Here are 50 quick ways to feel more vitality! Download 50 Quick Pick-me-Ups.

Money + Joy!?

Read my article in Mabel Magazine, Do What You Love and The Joy Will Follow.

Be You!

Lisa Meyers inspired a lot of people with her “Be You” Project. Someone asked me, “How the heck do I be me?” In this audio, Be You, I offer some thoughts on this.

Don’t Wait

We think we have all the time in the world, but we just don’t know. Don’t Wait inspires us to live the life we want, right now.

Crazy Wild Miracle You

Treasure yourself. Crazy Wild Miracle You will remind you of who you are.

The Moment

The Moment includes a poem that will land you straight into the heart of being human.

Self-Care Tool

This audio about Recording and Listening includes links to get you started.

Creativity in Everyday Life

Laurie Wagner and Andrea Scher in conversation with Sherry Richert Belul discuss some easy ways to bring more creativity into your life.

What Matters

Lift Someone’s Heart and watch the magic.

Love Ninja Free Ammo

Offer Ninja Love with these printables.