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Sunday LoveGram: Voice Your Love


Hello, friend. I hope this finds you well and enjoying your weekend.  Here in the U.S. it is Thanksgiving weekend and I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be far away from people we love — especially during the holidays.   I would love to support you in...

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Sunday LoveGram: Small Delights


Today, we're talking about tiny moments that feel extraordinary. How essential they are, especially during difficult times.   Last weekend my clan decided to get out of the house and have a socially-distanced outdoor night picnic at Lake Merritt in Oakland.  I brought ...

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Unexpected Gifts


I've been greatly missing my mom. Usually in the summer, my West Coast clan would all travel to Ohio to spend a couple weeks hanging out — bonfires and water balloon fights and homemade ice-cream and card games and such. It's one of my favorite times — like camp! One of things I l...

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Sunday Love Gram: Connect to someone you love!


  I started creating these audio LoveGrams at the beginning of the pandemic. None of us imagined how long this would go on or how much loss and grief it would bring. In addition to the gravity of death and illness, many of us are really lonely for the people we love. Today's ...

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Uplift Gifts: Custom Coffee Klatch


          If you listened to my audio LoveGram on Sunday, you heard me talk about how sad I've been this past week. There's sure been a lot of emotion coming up! Obviously, we're living in a time that is filled with grief, loss, anger, and disappo...

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Do you need a new lease on love?


Last month my friend Staci hopped on a Facebook live with me and shared a wonderful idea for bringing more connection and appreciation into a relationship in your life. Staci called this a "Frolic," and I absolutely loved the simplicity of this love-in-action idea. Like me, Staci is v...

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💌 Thirteen Reasons to Write an Old Fashioned Letter


                      Today's my last day of an extended visit with my mom. I've been staying in my childhood bedroom for the last three weeks! Tomorrow I hop on a plane to Tampa, FL and from there to...

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Nonpartisan debate fun!


  I'm on vacation and the cute gal in the photo is my niece, Nikki. She's sitting in my mom's kitchen in Brookfield, Ohio. I took the photo about an hour ago, when we were all having coffee and talking about our plans for the day. Our clan had watched the Democratic debates toget...

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Joy Jar Redux


Two days ago, I told you a story about a Joy Jar Love List I made for my niece for Graduation. I wanted to share another story with you, in hopes of inspiring you to create one of your own ...!  Here's another example of a Joy Jar. This was a gift to ME from my teammates at the Burchard Gro...

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Putting Love into Action


  When my beautiful niece, Nikki, graduated from the Doctor of Pharmacy program in Erie, PA a couple of weeks ago, I surprised her (and my mom) by flying into town for the graduation ceremony. You can only imagine how much fun it was for me to plan such a surprise! I didn't think...

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