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Sunday LoveGram: Kintsugi


Hello, friend. It is a sunny Sunday and the air feels fresh. After weeks of ash and smoke, it feels like a gift to breathe this air, to see blue sky.  It is a gift.  Once, a doctor told me, "Health is a crown that only the sick can see."  I think about that often...

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Of course bubbles can be a gift! You doubt?


I was just saying to someone that it has been way too long since my beau and I have hosted a Bubble Flash Mob. You too, right?! 😉 I'm seeing Ian later today and I want to make sure we get one scheduled this summer. In fact, we had talked once about doing one outside of a chil...

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Will you do this?


I've been thinking a lot about small things that change our lives. When I'm coaching people, they often think they have to make big changes in order to feel happier, healthier, or more successful. But the truth is, one tiny shift or one small new habit can have a profound effect. Succ...

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Practicing what I preach.


I’m practicing what I preach. Big time. What I’m practicing is something you’ve heard me say a million times: “seek and create pinpricks of light.” I wrote the note to you (below) a week ago, but I realized today that I forgot to hit “go” on posting it. (Sigh) I fel...

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I wanted to share my latest guest post on the Kind Over Matter website. This article is one I think you’ll love! It is all about re-appreciation, a really fun practice that will make you feel happy inside. And will make others say “wow” about you!! Here’s that link! Enjoy!! ...

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You’ve got the Easter basket, now add some love!


If you're making an Easter Basket for someone in your life — be it a kid or a kid-at-heart— consider mixing in some love with the jellybeans! I just wrote a short and simple how-to for Huffington Post on making a Love List Easter Basket. It would mean a lot to me if you would comment...

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Reason #4353 why I love my mom


I keep ongoing audio recordings of reasons why I love people in my life. Here's what I recorded today: Reason #4353 why I love my mom: I just got a text from her that says, "A good book and a bag of candy is sometimes all it takes." Doesn't that quote just tell you so much about my mom? (In ...

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New Year’s Appreciation Printable


Did someone do something for you in 2016 that had a big impact? Download your 2016 New Year’s Appreciation letter now and let them know! Right click to save this PDF to your desktop + open in Adobe Acrobat   (Detailed instructions below!)             ...

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100 Days of Great Gifts


Have you heard of The 100 Day Project? Folks commit to doing something creative for 100 days straight. I've seen my friends participate in this and they post daily on Instagram or Facebook to keep the accountability for their project. It is so much fun to see daily posts of artworks, col...

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Live without regret: say it now.


Yesterday I saw a video online called “What’s Your Biggest Regret.” If you have three minutes, I encourage you to watch it. It is beautifully done + quite moving. Something that struck me, but didn’t surprise me, was that what all the regrets had in common was that they were about th...

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