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LoveGram: Love in Action


  Hey there, beautiful friend! Today I send you this beautiful virtual music player and its whimsical and tender characters reminding us of how quickly times goes by. I send you its mother duck and ducklings, its stooped-over grandma, and the couple who meet on a park bench an...

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LoveGram: I’m sorry?!


Hello beautiful friend.  Welcome to your Sunday audio LoveGram.  Today I send you a road trip on a quiet highway.  I send you a trombone you play for the fun of it.  I send you lamplight in the cold and dark.  *** Thank you for being here with me. I appreciate you! ...

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LoveGram: Show Up, Love!


Hello beautiful friend. Welcome to your Sunday audio LoveGram. Today I send you a listening ear. I send you a whispered, "yes." I send you a a kitten, a ball of yellow yarn, and some accordion music. **** In today’s LoveGram, we are talking about how we can give people w...

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When we need help.


  Hello my beautiful friend. Here's your link to today's LoveGram. My conversation with you today is about asking for help when we are unsteady on our feet. *** On Friday I sent you an email confessing how hard it is for me to reach out to people when I am in a hard pla...

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Ask for help


  I posted something on social media yesterday, a kind of confession about having a hard time asking for help, and I wanted to share it with you, too, because I can see from people's responses that I am not alone in this. If there is just one somebody out there who needs to hea...

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LoveGram: Permission to take up space


Hey Beautiful friend, Welcome to this week's LoveGram. I'm happy you are here. I'm happy to be here with YOU! Today, I send you a suitcase large enough to fit your huge, generous heart. I send you the biggest, most prominent seat at the table. I send you that feeling of being fi...

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LoveGram: What calls you?


  Hello friend, I'm sending you the word "aponemia" from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. This word means "the peculiar quality of never having chosen to be born, which is shared by everyone else around you; the curious awareness that even though earthly life might be the mo...

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{Celebration Moment} No Regret.


  Hello my friend! Earlier this week, I was listening to an audio by my mentor, Brendon Burchard on the topic of "no regret." Something he said really jumped out at me: "Don't just think about who you are — express it!" This quote reminded me of the rather famous book by ...

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LoveGram: This Counts. Big Time.


Good morning to you — a blessing in my life. Today, I send you a never-ending list of names of people who love you. I send you that person who lives in a small town in Indiana, who is still thinking about something kind you said twenty years ago. I send you a spritz of lime in yo...

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LoveGram: Love as Fuel


Hello beautiful friend, I am thinking of you and sending love. As I'm writing this to you, we're continuing to receive heartbreaking news from Ukraine. It can be so hard to hold all the emotions that arise during times like this when we know that so many people are living with violenc...

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