It’s Monday again. That means Happy Hour for us at Simply Celebrate. Hope you’ll join us. This week we’re inviting everyone to “come as you are.”

This theme was born out of my crabbiness of the last week. I kept trying everything I could to stop being crabby, but wouldn’t you know, it clung to me like a, well, like a crab. Whether it was the full moon or too much to do, I finally had to give in an accept my cranky disposition.

Luckily, at one point during my crabbiness, I had a meeting scheduled with My business partner Tricia. I arrived and she greeted me with a cheery “hello.” I watched myself feel bad for being in a yucky mood when she was so cheerful. And fortunately, I was able to tell her how I was feeling. It was great. We got to have a wonderful conversation about what it is like to not like the mood we are in. And what it is like to be with someone else when we don’t like the mood we’re in.

We realized it could make a fascinating happy hour to have people “come as they are” and see how we all work it out to be with one another, no matter if some folks are feeling good and some are sleepy and some are cranky and some are sad.

Here’s how to join us:

1. At 12n, get yourself a cup of yummy tea or sparkling something and get cozy at your computer.
2. Visit http://www.facebook.com/simplycelebrate
3. If you’re not already a fan (gasp!), simple click on the “Like” button (thumbs up!) next to the name Simply Celebrate.
4. Introduce yourself and start a conversation by posting a comment in the blank box that says “What’s on Your Mind.”  Hit “share.”
5. Or, slip into a conversation that is already in progress by clicking on the word “comment” under something someone else has posted on the wall.
6. Refresh often. (Your screen, not your drink. Well, your drink, too, if it is not something that makes you loopy.)

Hope to see you, in whatever state you’re in!

(P.S. If you can’t join us live on the Facebook page, feel free to leave a comment here about the topic. I love to hear from you!)