Celebrate someone’s life with an impact they’ll never forget

Give someone a book of love that lasts a lifetime.

Our one-of-a-kind tribute books are handmade books, which are customized with stories, photos, memories, and wishes from a whole group of the recipient’s closest friends and family. The books are like magic mirrors that reflect back all the love, adventures, and joy that make up the storyline of someone’s life. These books make the perfect, heartfelt, unique gift for these occasions: Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Graduations, Retirement, End-of-life, and Memorials.

What is a Celebration Book?

These are not scrapbooks. They are high-end, spirited touchstones to help your friend or loved one always remember who she is to those who know and love her best. These celebration books are the gift that says: “You are loved exactly for who you are” in a world that is constantly telling us we need to be more, better, or different.

What’s at the heart of the books is that they reflect who someone is in the eyes of the people who know and love them best. It’s like what happens at funerals, but the person actually gets to HEAR all those poignant and funny stories.

They’re that magic mirror she looks into and sees her best, most loving self reflected back.

Participants get a gift too!

But wait, there’s more. And I’m not talking about Ginsu knives. The extra, free, amazing gift that comes with these Celebration Books is that they’re not just a gift for the recipient. Participating in the book is a gift it itself. One of the ways that we all love to experience life is through shared stories. People participating in the books get to retell their favorite stories, dig up funny photos, and live again in their imaginations, all of the shared adventures. In the rush and madness of life today, there just aren’t enough opportunities anchor in the joy. These books do just that.

Why not just buy a custom photo book online?

These books are worlds apart from the ones folks make online via Apple or Shutterfly, for instance, is that these books are reflections from LOTS of people in someone’s life. A book for your mom might include stories and wishes from her kids, her husband, her sister, her best friend from high school, current friends, etc. Unlike books bought online, these books are printed on acid-free paper and bound in elegant, handmade hardcover book covers created by a book artist in San Francisco.

What our clients have to say

  • This is the gift of a lifetime! —Charlene T.
  • This book made me feel loved like no other gift could. —Marc M.
  • Amy has read her Mad Moon book dozens of times. And she still gets teary-eyed when she reads it. Thanks for creating the best gift she’s ever gotten! — Tom D.
  • My book is my most special wedding present. I absolutely love it. Michael and I laughed and cried as we read it. We are so thrilled with it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. —Amy H.
  • So once again you have made us look like the best! Cathy loved her book and there were plenty of hugs, kisses, tears, etc — all the things you hope for! Thank you for your wonderful concept and creation. I am now searching for our next occasion to use Mad Moon Creations. — Karen S.
  • What a wonderful job you did on my dad’s book! I absolutely love it. You have created a heartfelt keepsake and I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am. I will definitely be calling you for many more events! —Michelle S.
  • The book you created really celebrates the importance of our reunion after twenty-five years, and what we meant and still mean to each other. The truly beautiful part is it gave all these intellectually-oriented scientists a chance to speak from their hearts — and the stories we tell are so moving and magical. It really is a gift that will last a lifetime. —Jodeane P.
  • I cannot believe how wonderful this book is! You did such an amazing job and I thank you so very much for your diligence, communication, and thoughtfulness. You have truly touched my soul. —Andrea D.
  • Ruby LOVED her book. She cried. It meant THE WORLD to her. It was AMAZING…the best gift ever. —Laurie W.

Listen to Suzy’s response to her Celebration Book

How the process works

  • After I receive your order, I will create a timeline for your book.
  • You send me a list of people whom you’d like to contribute to the book (the recipient’s friends, family, co-workers, etc)
  • I send those folks an email inviting them to participate and giving all the details, including questions to respond to and instructions on how to submit photos.
  • I keep track of responses I receive and keep you posted as we near the timeline. I also send reminders to folks, to nudge them if they need it.
  • Once I receive all of the photos, stories, and wishes, I format the text, proofread the text, and design unique pages for each person participating in the book.
  • You choose one of several dozen hardcover designs, all created by a San Francisco book artist.
  • I printout the custom pages and then bind them using Japanese ribbon binding or bookbinding screws.
  • Voila! You have just given someone the very best gift they’ll ever receive in their lives. If they don’t laugh, cry, and cherish the book forever, I haven’t done my job!

Here’s what pricing includes

  • Sending questionnaires to the participants.
  • Eliciting responses to four evocative questions.
  • Placing two sets of reminder/followup emails to questionnaire recipients.
  • Entering, organizing, and proofreading text
  • Scanning photos to capture visual memories.
  • Designing and printing 25-100 pages. (Depending on submissions.)
  • Providing your choice of one of twenty distinctive and beautiful cover styles.
  • Binding the book using Japanese ribbon binding or bookbinding screws. (Your preference.)

Cover & binding selections:

We have a large selections of hardbound book covers made by a local San Francisco book artist.

Our books can be bound with a Japanese ribbon binding or with book binding screws, depending on your taste and style.

Books are 9×12, with inside pages that are 8.5×11 linen acid-free paper.


Email Sherry for pricing on books with different numbers of participants than what is below. I am happy to create a book with any number of participants.

And, if you prefer to write your own questions or have me brainstorm different questions, we can do that, as well. Some folks prefer the books to be more funny for recipients who love to laugh! Or, more sentimental, for folks who love more stoires.

Just email/call and ask!

Order Now:

  • Order a book full of love from five different individuals or couples: $325
  • Order a book full of love from ten different individuals or couples: $525
  • Order a book full of love from 20 different individuals or couples: $925

* Note: price does not include CA tax or shipping


Still not ready? Let’s talk!

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You can also find more photos and information at www.madmoon.com.

Want to create your own book of memories, stories, and photos for someone you love?

I’ve just created a Do-it-Yourself online class that walks you through the process of making a simpler version of these books I create. Email Sherry to find out more!