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Celebration Moment: Good Question!


    How are you, my friend? I'm thinking of you and popping by with a quick hello on this Friday in September. I hope you are having a good day so far. If you are, please share your joy with someone. If you are having a hard time, practice reaching out. Sharing our ...

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{Celebration Superstar} You can be a tiny bit courageous!


  I'm excited to introduce you to a Celebration Superstar, Tom Bartley. Remember in a recent audio LoveGram when I talked to you about taking the challenge to connect with someone during what might typically be a transactional moment — at a store, at the post office, passing so...

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LoveGram: Don’t Read This!


The subject of this post, is "Don't read this." What I mean by that is, please don't just read this email or listen to the audio LoveGram this week. Please don't let it just be good information. Please don't file it away for some other time of your life. Please, my friend, will you...

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Uplift Gift: Pretend Birthday!


  Hello my beautiful friend! Hey, I have an idea for you of something super simple you can do that will really make someone in your life HAPPY. For this uplifting and joyful gift, all you need is a birthday card — store bought or homemade — and a date on the calendar to sp...

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LoveGram: Touchpoints!


    Welcome to this week's LoveGram. Today, I send you that moment when you pass someone on the street and you both say hello at the exact same time. I send you a sunny exchange with the UPS delivery driver and his cheerful wave when he turns to leave. I send you an...

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LoveGram: Want more meaning in your life?


Hello Friend, Welcome to this week's LoveGram. Today, I send you the sweet smells of the local bakery, early in the morning. I send you a variety of red flowers, vibrant in the sun. I send you the gong-gong of the church bells in some ancient city. *** Today, my LoveGram i...

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Permission, Take 2


  How are you, my friend? On Sunday, my audio LoveGram was all about giving yourself permission to really accept and love who you ARE Please, do NOT try to squeeze yourself into a container that is the wrong size. Find the YOU-sized container and trust how perfect it is. Tr...

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LoveGram: Permission to take up space


Hey Beautiful friend, Welcome to this week's LoveGram. I'm happy you are here. I'm happy to be here with YOU! Today, I send you a suitcase large enough to fit your huge, generous heart. I send you the biggest, most prominent seat at the table. I send you that feeling of being fi...

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{Celebration Moment} No Regret.


  Hello my friend! Earlier this week, I was listening to an audio by my mentor, Brendon Burchard on the topic of "no regret." Something he said really jumped out at me: "Don't just think about who you are — express it!" This quote reminded me of the rather famous book by ...

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Celebration Moment} Just six minutes!


  Hello Friend, I’m sitting in my studio at 6:22am, sipping coffee from a mug that my friend, Denise, gave me years ago. I notice that if I pause to remember the moment she gave it to me, to remember her face, and to remember the way she laughs, it changes something in me. I...

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