Show someone how much you care with a one-of-a-kind creative gift!

We can help you give a gift that is personal, imaginative, and full of heart.

Take a look at the various options and imagine the look of delight on your loved one’s face when she receives a creative gift from you like this!

Don’t wait; say it now!



Love List Done For You

Need some help making a Love List that someone will treasure forever? Sign up for my Love List Call + Creation. We’ll talk on the phone for 30 minutes, I will jot down at least 15 — but likely 25 or 30 — things you love about the recipient. Then I will create a beautiful PDF, customized with a photo, which you can print out to frame or gift as a scroll.
Audio LoveGram

Just like a telegram, our Audio LoveGram arrives as a surprise — right into someone’s email inbox. You tell me some things you love about this person and I create a wonderful audio message they’ll listen to again and again.

Celebration Tribute Book

This is the gift of a lifetime! It’s like dozens of Love Lists all in one cherished book. Our Celebration Books are the perfect gifts for milestone occasions — or just because. Consider this especially for 75th, 80th, and 90th birthdays; end of life, weddings, graduation, retirement, family reunions, or anniversaries.



Love List 10-Pak

Our Love List 10 Pak includes ten professionally-designed Love List templates for you to print out, fill out, and give out — to make people happy.


Celebration Book + Live Event

Don’t wait until someone’s funeral to tell them the impact they’ve had. Honor and celebrate someone with a book of love plus an event in which people share all their love and appreciations. Our Celebration Events are customized to meet your needs.