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What are you living into?


My friend invited me to skip around Half Moon Bay with her so she could test out some new photo techniques and a brand new camera lens. I was looking forward to seeing her and having dinner together. But as the time got closer to meet up with her, I noticed how much I was not looking forward...

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“Say it Now” Launch Party with Maya Stein


It's Sunday morning and I've got my cup of coffee + some Sufjan Stevens playing. I am so happy to be connecting with you right now. You are someone who is a kindred spirit. I know that. You're here because you care about making the most of life. You care about learning to love better...

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Permission to forgive.


Sometimes we need a reminder. Sometimes we need permission. Sometimes we need a nudge. Here's to forgiveness — within and without. Here's to setting ourselves free.   ...

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Heck with the Hallmark kinda Valentine’s …


I don't have anything against Hallmark. Or Valentine's Day. I don't have anything against special occasions. Or celebration. (Of course! I love 'em!) But what irks me is this: when we're fed ideas about these "picture perfect" lives that for most people simply don't exist. Our culture t...

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Love Letter to the Grieving


I just read a beautiful reminder in the New York Times this morning about how important it is to write a letter to someone grieving about the person who has died. If you can think of a few special memories you have about the person who died, these can be such pinpricks of light to someon...

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be the light. be the light. be the light.


I woke up to news of another shooting. This following all of the divisiveness of the US elections a couple days ago. That following the heart-breaking images of starving children in Yemen. I don't need to go on. I don't need to list the countless more. You know all of this. Your h...

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Small things are no small thing


Sometimes my mentor, Brendon Burchard, asks us to consider what we would shout from the rooftop if we had a chance. What would we want to say to millions of people, given an opportunity? This morning, I woke up thinking about it. I knew I wanted to write to you. But what did I want to say? W...

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Celebrate a talented friend!


My friend, Tom, is a playwright who lives in Los Angeles. I met Tom back in 1985 when I was an intern at the Los Angeles Children’s Museum and he was the theater teacher there. We’ve remained friends all these years and I’ve been lucky enough to have attended a number of his shows. ...

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Your glass is already broken.


On a recent call, my spiritual teacher, Cheri Huber, mentioned a wonderful quote about impermanence: "Your favorite tea cup is already broken." We know that everything changes. That we change. That all life is always in a state of flux. Yet, doesn't it seem to be that one of the things t...

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Poetry and Conversation with Maya Stein


Last week my dear friend and amazing poet, Maya Rachel Stein, joined me on a live call to share some poetry and talk about how the ideas in the poems could be used as teaching moments in our daily lives. I often use Maya's poetry with my coaching clients because her work is beautiful, ye...

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