Lately I’ve been experimenting with the idea of “just showing up.” What I mean is, trying not to orchestrate. Trying not to plan out the words and the way I want life to unfold. Trusting that I am enough and that whatever I show up with is enough.

It has been a tricky practice for me. I am finding that I’m very attached to the idea that if I work hard enough/plan enough/practice enough … then I’ll be okay. Er, more truthfully, I think I want to “appear to be okay.” I want everything all neat and packaged prettily, without any goofs or messes.

Of course as I say that, I know deep down that the most fun in life is when things just happen. Everything feels most alive when I just show up and other people show up and life shows up. Anything can happen. It’s like at the circus, when someone just suddenly starts juggling hats.

Last week Tricia and I launched something we call “Happy Hour,” which is an hour at noon PST on Mondays in which we offer an opportunity for folks to “gather” (virtually) and share some energizing conversation. I was nervous beforehand. I noticed the part of me who was afraid of not being prepared. I wanted to know what I would say and what would happen. I decided to make the Happy Hour part of my practice of trusting that everything would be okay.

And you know what? It was all fine. Better then fine. I could just let go of needing to know what was going to happen — and instead enjoy what washappening.

Part way through the Happy Hour, someone mentioned a “Candy Cane Forest.” Someone else grabbed an image off the web and posted it. I was so delighted. It was a little tiny magical moment. But that moment has stayed with me.  I realized later that I couldn’t have orchestrated that moment. Or, if I had, it would have felt flat and … well … orchestrated.

So in honor of the practice of being enough, I want to dedicate this week’s Monday Happy Hour to the topic of “just showing up.” What does life bring us if we come unprepared? Who are we when we just step into the moment, not bringing anything and not knowing what we’ll do or say?

Tricia and I will be available on the Simply Celebrate Facebook Page from 12n-1pm PST— exploring more about this topic. All we’ve got planned is practicing not planning! Wheeee.  Will you join us?

If you want to participate, just post a comment here on the blog or come visit us on the Simply Celebrate Facebook Page.  We can’t be “live” on the blog like we can FaceBook, but we truly value and appreciate your comments. And whether you join us or not, we hope this week you’ll get the chance to feel that you are absolutely enough, exactly as you are in this moment. I’ll bet my favorite polka dot socks that you are fabulously enough … and more.