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C’mon over + bring the tissues!


What the heck am I so excited about?! That pic up above is part of a video from the Secret Agent Challenge: Operation Love, which launched this past Sunday, Random Acts of Kindness Day. I had no idea how extraordinarily uplifting and connecting this project would be. I know I wrot...

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Heck with the Hallmark kinda Valentine’s …


I don't have anything against Hallmark. Or Valentine's Day. I don't have anything against special occasions. Or celebration. (Of course! I love 'em!) But what irks me is this: when we're fed ideas about these "picture perfect" lives that for most people simply don't exist. Our culture t...

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What Alison Had to Say …


My friend, Alison Luterman, is an amazing poet and human being. She is authentic, warm, kind, and caring. She is devoted to her writing and performance as a career, which means that she spends a lot of time working in solitude. A couple weeks ago, Alison wrote a newsletter article about ...

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{Audio) A Fun Giving Game


In a recent Kind Over Matter Article, I invited readers to participate in a fun game I named, "Play it Forward." All participants have to do is offer a small act of kindness in the world — with a twist: include some way for the person who receives the kindness to "play it forward" for ...

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Play it Forward


Hello! I'm sending love and light as we embark on a brand new year! I'm hoping as part of the kick-off to 2019 you will play along with me in a very fun game! Read on for details! A tiny bit of background: I had a rather magical experience the last time I took myself on an overnight ...

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What you did for my mom!


Remember a couple weeks ago when I put out a request for folks to send birthday cards to my mom for her 80th? Every day since then her box has been full of cards! She has been overwhelmed — in the most positive of ways!— by all your love and kindness. My mom has been leaving me message...

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Will you help me celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday?


My wonderful mother, Becky, turned 80 last week Friday, April 27th. I've been asking everyone I know if they'd be willing to send a card to my mom for her birthday. I wanted her to receive cards, before, during, and after the actual day so her birthday celebration goes on and on! I'm hopi...

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Who needs your gift of intention today?


Remember in last week's newsletter I told you that I had woken up with a line from Mary Oliver’s poem in my head: “What is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” I also told you that I was headed to Josephine’s Cabin for an overnight retreat. As always, havi...

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Planting Kisses of Kindness for AKR


You may have read my March 6 post inviting folks to honor the lovely, whimsical, generous-hearted, inspiring author Amy Krouse Rosenthal by participating in an event called Plant a Kiss. To join in, people just needed to commit to offering some kindness to the world between March 7 an...

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Help Send Love to Amy Krouse Rosenthal


A few days ago I found out that the author and joyous liver-of-life, Amy Krouse Rosenthal has terminal cancer and not long to live. Amy published a heartbreaking and beautiful piece in the New York Times Modern Love column titled, "You May Want to Marry my Husband," which is a loving tr...

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