This post comes courtesy of Lisa King, a new friend I met at Happy Hourlast week. (Isn’t the Internet wonderful sometimes?)

I visited Lisa’s blog and loved so many of the things I discovered there. One of my favorite parts of Lisa’s site are the tiny little gems at the bottom of each page. Sweet and curious little phrases and gratitudes that make me feel like a human being. Like this: Thanks to Mom for singing at dinner parties. Please let the music loosen the knots. Please let there be enough hot water. Thanks to Tucker for the fire.

Find out for yourself; take a little stroll to her site. Oh, but, please do be sure to check out Lisa’s Book of Days. It’s magical. And where I swiped the photo (above) from. I hope Lisa doesn’t sue me.

Oh, and I nearly forgot the whole reason I started this post. To tell you about Lisa’s “Rules to Live By.”  I asked Lisa if I could reprint them, and in her response to me, she said: “I wrote them out because I find that when I get really blue I can’t remember how to recover. I heard myself asking: What do I do when I get like this? So these were instructions I tucked in my pocket to pull out when I couldn’t see my way through.”

We could each tuck these in our pockets, too. Or write our own rules.

Rules to live by

  1. Do what you do.
  2. When you fall off, get back on.
  3. Don’t try to fit. Be what you are.
  4. Ask for what you need.
  5. Look for ways to be of service.
  6. Cultivate kindness, compassion and gratitude.

Lisa King is a poet and mom.  And lots of other wonderful things I haven’t yet learned. You can find her at And if you come to Happy Hour, you might be lucky enough to share a virtual sparkly drink and very real conversation with her.

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