Give someone you love the gift of a personalized

(truly only-for-them) Audio LoveGram

Just $45 for a message of love they’ll love to hear —

and listen to over and over again for a lifetime.

Your loved one typically gets 5-7 minutes of pure appreciation.

Audio LoveGrams are warm and soothing audio messages that arrive out of the blue, offering appreciation, kindness, support, compassion, and caring to someone you love.

What people want and need most in this world is to be appreciated and understood. These audio notes let someone know that you’re right by their side — to cheer them or lift them up.

Audio LoveGrams arrive at an unexpected time and in unexpected form, which adds to the charm of this gift.

These one-of-a-kind, customized Audio LoveGrams are just $45 each!


Please note:

*If you are on a mobile device and unable to listen to this audio, email me and I will send you a sample MP3. Or, you can easily listen from your computer. Apologies for any inconvenience!

*Since people’s musical tastes vary, your Audio LoveGram will *not* have a musical background. Your message itself will be music to their ears!

How to: 3 Easy Steps

  1. Simply purchase a $45 Audio LoveGram by clicking on the buy button below. Note: we need at least three days notice if you need the Audio LoveGram delivered by a specific date.
  2. You will receive a link to a short form so I have all the information I need for this unique gift. You’ll also be able to choose the occasion and personalize your message. You will receive this information within 24 hours of purchase.
  3. When the Audio LoveGram is finished, I will email it directly to the recipient. I will also send a copy to you via email.

Note: Folks should easily be able to click the “play” button within their email on their smart phone or on the computer in order to hear the Audio LoveGram. If the recipient is elderly or doesn’t have email, you can call them and play the MP3 for them over the phone!

Voila! You’ve made someone’s day. Just like that.

Click below to order an audio love-gram for someone in your life

*Please order LoveGrams at least 3 days in advance. 

I’ve created audio love-grams for almost every occasion and every need for support:  for someone’s best friend who was going through a hard divorce, for a guy who made a big splash at work, for some sisters after their father passed away, for a son after a big disappointment at school, and for a girlfriend—just because! After you order, you’ll have the chance to choose the reason for the audio gift and tell me more about the recipient.


Thank you
New Baby
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
Grandparents Day
Winter Holiday

Death of loved one
Anniversary of death of loved one
Loss of job
Postpartum depression
General blues/depression


Number of Lovegrams

Note: Within 24 hours of purchae, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase and a form to complete for your Audio LoveGram.

What folks have to say about their audio love-grams:

  • “After my mom received her audio love-gram, she called me and was all teary and appreciative. Frankly, thinking about the things I love about her made me a little teary, too.”  — Willem Knibbe
  • “I really appreciated this audio experience. I will always draw from it, and it will continue to be a source of future growth. This was priceless. Thanks again.” — Yvette Batterly
  • “Oh, Sherry. Your words are so important and arrived at just the right time. This gift you have of celebrating others is beyond extraordinary. More than extraterrestrial.” — Susan Harrow
  • “This. Is. Totally. Perfect. I am in awe of what you created, and I KNOW Michelle will be, too. THANK YOU for choosing that poem — it is exactly what Michelle could use in her back pocket.”  —Maya Stein
  • “WOW Sherry!! This is one of the coolest things anyone has ever done for me. It was fun to listen to your recording on my way home from a long hard work day.  Thanks!”  — Corey Jahnke
  • “Sherry, the audio gift you created for my friend is breathtakingly beautiful! Wow, I drank in every single word you spoke… your voice is so soothing and so loving. I had never heard anything like that, it’s so pure and angelic! This was such a wonderful and surprising gift to give.”   — Emily Nature
  • “I received the Audio LoveGram from one of my oldest and dearest friends. It made me cry. Tears of happiness, that is!! It was the greatest gift! Thank you.”   — Lora George
  • “My friend Teresa told me how much she enjoyed/loved the personal message you sent! She was so touched. She said she was speechless and felt so appreciative receiving such an awesome gift. This is an amazing idea and such a lovely, way to tell people you love how special they are!”  — Tonya Jahnke
  • “I could hear the sincereness in your voice as you described Todd even though you’ve never met him. From my simple email it sounded like you’d like to meet him some day. It was very cool! It made me cry and made him give me a GIANT hug. We needed that. Even my son (who’s 10) said, ‘Dad keep that on your phone and listen to it anytime you’re feeling sad or you miss Mom.‘” — Paula Campbell


Number of Lovegrams

Note: Within 24 hours of purchae, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase and a form to complete for your Audio LoveGram.

100% Satisfaction or your money back

I guarantee that your Audio LoveGram recipient will be moved and delighted by this gift from you. If not, just email me and I will refund your money.