At Simply Celebrate, we know that living a celebrated life involves practice and ongoing support. By “practice” we mean creating daily rituals and habits that support you in feeling good and creating a vibrant, meaningful, and joyful life. Our intention is to provide you with a combination of support, guidance, and skills, all designed to assist you with your journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and conscious living.

High Performance Coaching

Live your best life by experiencing an ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy, and confidence! Sherry is a Certified High Performance Coach who can support you in succeeding beyond everything you’ve experienced by helping you focus on clarity, influence, productivity, mindset, courage, and more.

Jumpstart Juicy You

Most of us have some juicy something that wanted to come alive in our lives. Unfortunately, most of us also have a lot of resistance and it is hard to get started, keep going, and complete our projects. This introductory coaching package. Jumpstart Juicy You, will inspire you to get started on that business, book, class, project, or hobby that has been calling to you for years.

One-on-One Coaching

Work with Sherry one-on-one to help bring more joy and delight into your life. Coaching is customized for your specific needs.

Group Coaching

Sherry periodically offers group coaching programs. It is fun to learn and grow with others who want to bring more playfulness and celebration into their lives.

Mornings with the Apple Fritter Lady

Get small daily doses of coaching via morning audios that will give you a celebration focus for the day. Mornings with the Apple Fritter Lady is a self-guided 30-day coaching program.