Downloadable Mini-Workshop
for Birthdays, Holidays, and Anydays!

Five Creative "I love you” gifts —in under 30 minutes each!
Holiday pricing through 12/31/23: Just $19

If you are excited to get going making meaningful gifts of love that will last a lifetime, watch this two-minute video to find out about a mini-workshop I’ve created for you.

You can learn to make FIVE creative (not crafty!) gifts that each take less than 30 minutes! Just think, you could stay at home having fun making gifts people will treasure rather than rushing out to the stores and spending money on more stuff!

Watch this short video to find out more!

Benefits of the five gifts of love:

 Fun to create!
 Great for last-minute gifts.
 Heartfelt and meaningful.
 Something they’ll treasure forever.
 Low-to-no cost, so gift-giving is not only joyful, but cost-savings, too.

This Workshop Includes:

 Video instructions for each gift.
 Easy to fill-out printables that make it quick.
 Timestamps to quickly find a specific gift in the video.
 Added resources and suggestions to make the gifts even more fun.

About Sherry Richert Belul & Simply Celebrate

In the midst of everyday life, it is easy to forget how extraordinary — and fleeting— our lives are. Thus, Sherry believes in a simple philosophy: make moments into gifts. 

She helps people appreciate who they are and the people they love through customized tribute books and other one-of-a-kind gifts that inspire us to celebrate, share, and build beautiful relationships. Don’t wait; say it now.

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