{Sunday LoveGram} Who needs extra love today?


  Hello, friend. It's Father's Day here in the United States, Canada, and the UK. I’m sending big hugs to everyone who is a dad or who is celebrating their dads or the dads of your children. I'm sending love to everyone whose fathers have passed away or whose children hav...

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Invitation to Bliss!


  Hello! Don't you just love the smile on Birgit's face in that photo up above? She radiates joy! Birgit Penzenstadler is a beautiful person in our community whom I've gotten to know over the years. She always takes my "say it now" or "celebrate now" suggestions and immediatel...

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Workshop TODAY: June 15th at 6pm PDT


Those of you who know me, know that when I was a young woman, I went through a very challenging time dealing with depression and anxiety. One of the things that helped save me was the practice of making something called a Love List ® ( Haha. I JUST got the trademark this week + ...

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Sunday LoveGram: Ready to Receive?


  Hello, my beautiful friend. Today I send you the sweet, sudden perfume of jasmine as you pass by a cornflower blue house on a tree-lined street. I send you the magic of the crows who show up, day after day, to underscore something important and necessary. I send you lesso...

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Make a Musical Memory Lane


  I have a great gift idea I call the "Musical Memory Lane." The idea is to create a gift for someone that is centered around a collection of songs — it could be even just one or two— that have significance to you and this other person.  Music has a way of connecting us d...

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Sunday LoveGram: You Deserve This


      Today I send you tall pines — steady, solid, and majestic. I send you spaciousness. I send you breadth and depth and the whisperings of your sweet soul. I send you a good friend with whom you can admit when you are lost. And who celebrates all of the ma...

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Sunday LoveGram: Lean on me


  Hello, my beautiful friend. Welcome to a new day! Today, I send you the warmth of the yellow sun on your sweet face. I send you that fluffy, gray neighborhood cat, who meows as a small plea for a friendly touch and pet. I send you those ultra purple flowers on their spind...

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Build Mystery


  Hello, my beautiful friend. This morning I send you the caw-caw-caw of the three crows who have something essential to say. I send you the slight chill of the morning rain on your face and how good it feels to wrap Grandma’s cream-colored scarf a little tighter around your...

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Don’t wait; Say it Now


It is my two-year book birthday for "Say it Now!" 🎉 More than ever, I am dedicated to the message of this book, which is that it is essential to express our love and appreciation to the people in our lives. Please do not wait. Please do not think, "I'll do it when th...

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LoveGram: Think Smaller


  Hello, my beautiful friend. Today, I send you the wonder and striking beauty of bursts of purple flowers along the morning walk. I send you the feeling of energy in your body as your legs carry you across the blocks of your neighborhood and as your hand raises up to wave to ...

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