LoveGram: The Everything of it


Last week I talked to you about permission. Remember? I was giving myself permission to let go in many different ways. I encouraged you to do the same, if you needed it. Having allowed myself that break, I can see that lots of things moved on through. Like a young child, who ...

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LoveGram: Permission


  Hello. Today I want to talk to you about “permission.” It is my birthday week and I’m swimming around in the shadows — as you can see from the photo up above. Some hard things are happening. I’m feeling some loss, grief, and uncertainty. It’s okay. I’m ok...

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LoveGram: Take the Baby Step, Okay?


  Good morning, beautiful friend. Here we are. Together again. Sunday. Looking toward the light. No matter what is happening in your life, I want you to know that you are loved. And that no matter how hard things ever get, I hope you will find the smallest pinprick of light to...

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LoveGram: Let’s Talk Expectations


  Hello friend, Thanks for being here with me. Every week when it is time to record my audio LoveGram, I trust that the conversation will happen organically and that life will support me in knowing what to say. I don’t “think of” a topic. I don’t “figure it out....

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LoveGram: Not always about the confetti (take 2)


  Hello, beautiful friend. Here's what I want to remind you about today: you do not have to earn celebration. Celebration is not just for special occasions. It is your birthright to celebrate the whole range of emotions. To celebrate being human. Yeah, confetti is great....

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LoveGram: Live and Love in Crescendo


  Hello, beautiful friend. Today, I send you a crescendo. I also send you stillness. The way it feels when you walk outside really early in the morning and you imagine everyone else in the world is still asleep and you experience the expansive feeling of a new day. I send y...

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August Celebration Superstar: Meet Shellan


  This month's Celebration Superstar is Shellan Peddle! Shellan exemplifies the spirit of celebration in so many ways! She's someone who creates tons of one-of-a-kind gifts for people in her life. She makes loving video or photo gifts that tug at the heartstrings and remind the r...

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LoveGram: not always about the confetti

Hi friend. Today's audio LoveGram is about … well, it's about hard times and difficult feelings. It's about grief. It's about tenderness. It's about allowing ourselves to be human and to feel our feelings. You'll notice that up above there's a photo of some art I bought. I purchased ...

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{Uplift Gifts}: You Had Me at Hello


  I hope your week has been going well. I'm thinking of you and sending you warm greetings. Imagine that you can see me and I've got a big smile on my face as I wave to you. Imagine that I am squealing with happiness as I say your name. Have you ever thought about what a gift it ...

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LoveGram: What Soothes You?


  Hello my beautiful friend  ... Today I am writing to you from that place where it feels as if the veil has lifted a little. You know what veil I mean? That one that is usually there, protecting us from the deep grief that is possible as humans. That veil that allows us to go t...

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