LoveGram: Trust Yourself


    Hello, my beautiful friend. Today, I send you that feeling of walking outside when the air is warm and there is a slight scent of jasmine wafting by. I send you the sweet, magical surprise of a hummingbird flitting around the apple blossom tree. I send you the s...

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It’s your time to blossom!


Hello, my beautiful friend. Today, I send you the feeling of renewal and rebirth, like buds blossoming on the cherry blossom tree. I send you the sound of that sweet chirp-chirp-chirp outside my window as I meditate. I send you the freshness of the air and the warmth of the sun on...

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Add eggstra love to that Easter basket!


  If you celebrate Easter, make Your Easter baskets even sweeter with this loving twist: fill those plastic eggs with both chocolate and actual love. Below are some step-by-step instructions to make it super simple — you can easily do this last-minute! Hope you will try this...

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Secret Agents Mission: Fool for Love


  Secret Agents are a group of people who aim to spread surreptitious joy and kindness in playful and unexpected ways.  April 1st is April Fool's Day and usually it is a time to try and PRANK people. However, our very own Secret Agent Lynda Allen has chosen to turn this holid...

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Sunday LoveGram: Fool for Love


Hello, my beautiful friend. Today, I send you a thousand more white apple blossoms, which seem to have multiplied with joy overnight. I send you today's full moon, which was given the funny name, "Worm Moon." I send you the crisp grapes and blue kombucha which I was snacking on jus...

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LoveGram: A very merry unbirthday (to you!)


Hello, my beautiful friend. Today, I send you the feeling of hope as spring arrives. I send you the sound of the birds outside. I send you the feel of the sun on your face. I send you the small, white apple blossoms on the tree next door. I send you the warmth of your tea cup as you rais...

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LoveGram: Space to Connect


  Hello, my beautiful friend. Today’s LoveGram was inspired by a random post I saw on Twitter earlier this week. Someone posted a video from R.E.M. back when their album, "Out of Time" launched in 1991. The video was from a song called "Shiny Happy People," which has great s...

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Love Gram: Picture this.


Hello beautiful friend. It's Sunday morning and welcome back to my weekly LoveGram. I started sending this out every Sunday about a year ago as a way to offer support and love during the pandemic. I've often said this, and it is true still, that it has been incredibly supportive for m...

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{Bookstore events} C’mon over!


Hello, friend. I want to invite you to come hang out with me at two very-quickly-upcoming bookstore events! And guess what? I'll also be joined by the wonderful, oh-so-wise, author and poet Mary Anne Radmacher. You may know Mary Anne for her many books and teachings. She's a gem. Y...

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LoveGram: Tell them this today


Hello, my beautiful friend. Today’s LoveGram was inspired by my friends Ali, Becky, and Carolyn. It was also the result of a dream I had last night about a conversation with my mentor, Brendon Burchard. I hope you will listen to the audio. I hope you will do so while you are treatin...

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