LoveGram: What Moves You?


  Hello wonderful friend. Thank you for opening this email. Thank you for reading and/or listening to my LoveGrams. Thank you for being someone with a warm heart and unique spirit. Thank you for your desire to live life with as much love, zest, color, and connection as possible. ...

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Sunday LoveGram: Will You Do This?


  Hello wonderful friend. Thank you for being with me on this human journey. Thank you for being by my side as we've been navigating this pandemic together. I started making these Sunday LoveGrams in March of 2020. And here we are, still walking each other home. (Thank you for...

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LoveGram: Keep Breathing


  Good morning my beautiful friend. Thank you for being with me on this human journey. Thank you for being someone who cares about loving and growing and allowing. Thank you for being someone who shows up for yourself and for everything Life offers — all the grief and all...

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Celebration Superstar


  In this week's audio LoveGram, I tell you all about Carolyn and why she is such a Celebration Superstar. Here's the gist of it: Carolyn is someone who really FEELS life. She usually wears her emotions on her sleeve and it is a beautiful thing to get to experience. All around...

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Sunday LoveGram: Grief and Celebration


  Today I send you that feeling when it is pouring outside, and you hear the crash of thunder, but you are safe and warm in your favorite reading chair. I send you that feeling of enjoying a double scoop of ice-cream when suddenly the top scoop shploops to the ground, leaving yo...

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LoveGram: Start Again


Good morning, beautiful friend. Today I send you something unexpected that glitters and gleams. I send you the lightness of being that you feel when you follow a nudge that calls to you. I send you the crescent moon, a sparkling star, the slow-motion of a falling autumn leaf as you...

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LoveGram: Loving Difficult People


Hello friend. This week's Audio LoveGram talks about reaching out to people whom we may have a hard time loving. It includes an invitation to participate in a Secret Agents of Change special mission called "Operation Finn." My dear friend, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, who leads these missio...

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LoveGram: The Everything of it


Last week I talked to you about permission. Remember? I was giving myself permission to let go in many different ways. I encouraged you to do the same, if you needed it. Having allowed myself that break, I can see that lots of things moved on through. Like a young child, who ...

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LoveGram: Permission


  Hello. Today I want to talk to you about “permission.” It is my birthday week and I’m swimming around in the shadows — as you can see from the photo up above. Some hard things are happening. I’m feeling some loss, grief, and uncertainty. It’s okay. I’m ok...

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LoveGram: Take the Baby Step, Okay?


  Good morning, beautiful friend. Here we are. Together again. Sunday. Looking toward the light. No matter what is happening in your life, I want you to know that you are loved. And that no matter how hard things ever get, I hope you will find the smallest pinprick of light to...

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