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What’s knocking at your door?


Last night I was talking to my friend, Tricia, about all the years I felt like there was someone inside of me, dying to get out, but she was trapped. That was a girl who wanted to wear hats. Who wanted to dance. Who wanted to laugh out loud. A girl who wanted to scrunch her socks down in...

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Putting Love into Action


  When my beautiful niece, Nikki, graduated from the Doctor of Pharmacy program in Erie, PA a couple of weeks ago, I surprised her (and my mom) by flying into town for the graduation ceremony. You can only imagine how much fun it was for me to plan such a surprise! I didn't think...

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Raise Your Hand!


Hello Hello! I need a million people to do something for me! You may already be one of them. If not, you may be willing to help! As many of you know, I recently launched my book, "Say it Now: 33 Creative Ways to Say I Love You to the Most Important People in Your Life." The c...

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“Say it Now” Launch Party with Maya Stein


It's Sunday morning and I've got my cup of coffee + some Sufjan Stevens playing. I am so happy to be connecting with you right now. You are someone who is a kindred spirit. I know that. You're here because you care about making the most of life. You care about learning to love better...

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Interview someone you love!


I want you to watch this video by one of my mentors, Brendon Burchard. This is such a powerful reminder to cherish the people we love, to honor what we've learned from them, and to let ourselves be changed by their impact. Please take a few minutes to watch Brendon's video and think a...

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What astonishes you?


Hello hello! I hope you will read this and actually practice it, not just think of it theoretically. Let me know what astonishes you today! ...

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Your joy is the real gift!


I love this gal, Charlotte Ferreux, SO MUCH!    This is the two of us last week at Brendon Burchard's High Performance Academy, where 2,000+ people gathered for this life-changing training on living your best life — relationships, business, finances, spirituality, happiness,...

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When Life Calls Do You Pick Up the Phone?


I published a guest post on the Kind Over Matter website today. It is all about how the smallest thing that calls to us can have the greatest impact on our lives. I hope you'll take a few minutes to read it and give some thought to your own process of heeding (or not!) the call. I promis...

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Permission to forgive.


Sometimes we need a reminder. Sometimes we need permission. Sometimes we need a nudge. Here's to forgiveness — within and without. Here's to setting ourselves free.   ...

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Tra la la! What Bradley Cooper and I have in common!


I just watched the video clip of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga singing “Shallow,” from "A Star is Born" at the Oscar’s Sunday night. I haven’t yet seen the movie and I missed the Oscar’s, but I do have a tiny connection to Bradley Cooper! Last week I was in Los Angeles for a on...

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