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LoveGram: Good Question!


  Hey there, beautiful friend! Today I send you a fancy paper fan from Japan, one that you flick open for an instant breeze. I send you tiramisu on your grandma’s fine, flowered china. I send you a trio of butterflies, dancing in the air above your sweet head. ** We...

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LoveGram: Surprise someone with this!


Hey there, beautiful friend! Today I send you a striped, multi-colored croquet set, ready for play. I send you a man wearing an orange beret, riding a green bicycle with a small dog in the basket. I send you a hummingbird, right outside of the window, like she’s saying “Wheeee!...

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✨{Celebration Moment} Unexpected hope on the street


  How are you, my friend? It's the end of the week and I am thinking of you. I wanted to pop by really quickly to share a sweet moment that made me smile. I hope it does that for you, too. (We need all the smiles we can get! Share 'em when you got 'em!) *** Meet Nathan a...

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Be a part of a huge shift happening!


  How are you, my friend? I made this video for you direct from my iPhone. I apologize for the wind and imperfections. But I wanted to say something to you that was on my mind and heart in the moment. I didn't want to try to get it all right or try to be perfect. I just wanted...

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LoveGram: Sparkle Stroll


    Hey there, beautiful friend! I am thinking of you and sending love. I send you the smell of freshly cut grass. I send you pearly purple pod things — like those pictured above! I send you a bamboo pathway, which feels ancient and mysterious. I also send y...

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LoveGram: Touchpoints!


    Welcome to this week's LoveGram. Today, I send you that moment when you pass someone on the street and you both say hello at the exact same time. I send you a sunny exchange with the UPS delivery driver and his cheerful wave when he turns to leave. I send you an...

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LoveGram: Want more meaning in your life?


Hello Friend, Welcome to this week's LoveGram. Today, I send you the sweet smells of the local bakery, early in the morning. I send you a variety of red flowers, vibrant in the sun. I send you the gong-gong of the church bells in some ancient city. *** Today, my LoveGram i...

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LoveGram: Good Life


  Hello my friend, Welcome to this week's LoveGram. I send you the sound of your best friend’s voice when he answers the phone at a time when you really needed him to be there. And there he is. Today I send you that surge of joy when you pass a baby on the street and she ...

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LoveGram: Mamma Mia


  Happy Sunday to you, beautiful human! How do I know you are beautiful? Because you are here, wanting to focus on love, appreciation, everyday joy, and gratitude. You are here, wanting to make magical moments for yourself and for people you love. I see you. I see your g...

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LoveGram: Advance Love


  Hello beautiful friend, I recorded this LoveGram for you a few weeks ago. I knew I would be traveling and I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten about you or didn’t care about you. We do this for the people we love, right? We try to anticipate in advance so we can...

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