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Sunday Love Gram: Trust


Hello, my dear friend. Today, as I was walking out to my studio to connect with you via LoveGram, several things dropped in at once from life.  I usually like let these audio notes be spontaneous, in the moment, generated by intuition or inspiration.  I didn’t know how...

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Love in Action


First of all, I want to thank you for all of our connections in 2020. You mean so much to me.  HOLY TOLEDO! What a year, what a year, what a year. I'm grateful for all of the support and love I've received from you. I hope you've felt, as I have, that we are indeed, walking each...

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LoveGram: Tiny Joyful Connections


Hello friend.  I send you good thoughts on a quiet Sunday morning. Here's your link to today's LoveGram.  Today, we're continuing our conversation about tiny slices of delight.  After I sent you the video earlier this week, my friend Greggie...

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Sunday Love Gram: Do this for yourself


Welcome to another Sunday. It's not even 8am and is already hot here in San Francisco. It makes me miss my mom and barefoot days in Ohio with her — long breakfasts out on the patio, water balloon fights, and bonfires in the evenings. (Hi mom, I know you're reading this! 👋) It's...

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Sunday LoveGram (June 21, 2020)


Hello, friend. I began creating these Sunday LoveGrams when the pandemic started. From the beginning, I have taken refuge in the Ram Dass quote, "We're all just walking each other home." Today's LoveGram feels like it embodies that sentiment even more than usual because I created i...

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Sunday LoveGram: Your life is not a contest


              Happy Sunday to you, friend. I have to make this super quick this morning because my wonderful Zumba teacher, Sharon, is offering an online class and I can't wait to join in. I used to go regularly to the local Rec ...

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Make a Mother’s Day Gift for Someone Who Needs a Boost


This week, let's give some focus to women who need a boost of love because of Mother's Day.   Maybe it is overwhelmed moms who are home-schooling. Maybe it is moms who miss their children. Or  moms who are grieving. Maybe it is women who wanted children, but couldn't have them. Maybe it...

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{Join me} Coaching Support Call


  I know the road feels uncertain right now. I know we can't predict what tomorrow will bring. I know it can feel shaky, scary, and sad. There is so much grief and loss right now. And, at the same time, we have each other. I take refuge in that. I take refuge in yo...

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Let love in!


We just celebrated Valentine's Day, in which (hopefully) a lot of us focused on giving love to people in our lives. It got me thinking about receiving love. Since my company is all about helping people express their love, I see firsthand how difficult it can sometimes be for the recipien...

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Free Relationship Challenge


Remember Staci, founder of Lease on Love, whom I introduced you to last week? (If you don't remember, that's okay. Click here.) I love Staci's enthusiasm for helping people have better, deeper, and more playful relationships. Staci is offering a free challenge this week that will help...

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