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LoveGram: Grateful Heart


Hey there, beautiful friend! Welcome to your Sunday LoveGram. I'm writing to you Thanksgiving weekend and am filled with gratitude for having you in my life. I love our conversations about relationships, appreciation, and celebration. I love that we get to grow together. I lo...

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Birthday Kindness Project 58-58-58


  Hello friend. My 58-58-58 Birthday Kindness Project is launching today! It is my decade anniversary of doing this project. (Holy smokes! The years fly by!) Every year for the past ten years, I have been sending letters of love and kindness to strangers as a way of celebratin...

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Happy World Gratitude Day!


  How are you, my friend? Today is World Gratitude Day and YOU are on my mind.  *** You are on my mind because I am so grateful that we are connected.  I am grateful for your love, support, friendship, and caring.  I am grateful that we share the values of family, ...

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August Celebration Superstar: Meet Shellan


  This month's Celebration Superstar is Shellan Peddle! Shellan exemplifies the spirit of celebration in so many ways! She's someone who creates tons of one-of-a-kind gifts for people in her life. She makes loving video or photo gifts that tug at the heartstrings and remind the r...

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LoveGram: Simple Awe Waiting for You


  Happy Sunday! I'm writing to you once again from my mom's house in Ohio. I'm so happy to connect with you! As I write this, there is a squirrel scurrying up a tree right outside and she's noisy as all get-out. I love her playful spunkiness. Right before I sat down to write to y...

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July Celebration Superstar: Alison Luterman


  Happy Sunday! I'm writing to you from my mom's house in Ohio! This is the first time I've seen her in a year and a half. It is so wonderful. Full disclosure — I recorded today's audio LoveGram while I was still in San Francisco. I knew that I would be so caught up in all the...

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{Uplift Gifts} Twice the Fun


  If you listened to Sunday's Audio LoveGram, you heard that I was celebrating receiving the trademark for the phrase, Love List. (Wheee!) For those of you who are new, a Love List is simply a list of specific reasons why we love someone. It shows that person the impact they've h...

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Workshop TODAY: June 15th at 6pm PDT


Those of you who know me, know that when I was a young woman, I went through a very challenging time dealing with depression and anxiety. One of the things that helped save me was the practice of making something called a Love List ® ( Haha. I JUST got the trademark this week + ...

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LoveGram: Lean on me


  Hello, my beautiful friend. Welcome to a new day! Today, I send you the warmth of the yellow sun on your sweet face. I send you that fluffy, gray neighborhood cat, who meows as a small plea for a friendly touch and pet. I send you those ultra purple flowers on their spind...

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LoveGram: Think Smaller


  Hello, my beautiful friend. Today, I send you the wonder and striking beauty of bursts of purple flowers along the morning walk. I send you the feeling of energy in your body as your legs carry you across the blocks of your neighborhood and as your hand raises up to wave to ...

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