Love List Gifts

A Love List is one of the most meaningful and treasured gifts we can give someone!

  • What is a Love List?

    Check out this video and free download on the Love List, my all-time favorite gift for special occasions. It is free (and fun!) to make and can transform someone’s life!

  • Love List Prompts

    Need some help making your Love List? Here are some Love List Prompts.

  • Love List Twists + Presentation Ideas

    Visit this page for some fun ideas for Love List Gift Twists, including making Love List Fortune Cookies, Love List Joy Jar, Love List Easter Baskets, and more.

  • Done-for-you Love List Gifts

    Schedule a 30-minute conversation with me to have me create an amazing Love List for your loved one.

  • A whole book of Love Lists from someone’s friends/family

    Check out Celebration Tribute Books that are like expanded Love Lists, chock-full of stories, wishes, and photos from a group of someone’s closest friends and family.

  • Love List Pics on Pinterest

    Visit my Pinterest Board, Love List Gifts, with lots of ideas for presenting your Love List.

  • Love List Ten-Pak Templates

    Order a professionally-designed 10-pak of Love Lists, which you can easily print out, fill out, and give out to people you love.

  • Readers’ Love Lists

    Check out these stories from folks who have given Love Lists, and some reader submissions of Love List ideas.

  • Love List 90-Minute Workshop

    Create a knock-their-socks-off Love List with these creative ideas in a 90-minute audio workshop.

  • The New Black Friday Annual Love List Makin’

    Join in “The New Black Friday” movement by using part of the day to stay home and create a creative gift for someone you love.  Also join our Occupy Christmas Facebook group in which many folks share creative ways to celebrate the holiday season — without the stress. Email me and I’ll send you an invite to this private group.

  • Share your Love Lists on the Simply Celebrate Facebook Page

    Join in the daily conversations on the Facebook Page, which often include ways of celebrating people we love.

  • Let Sherry know you made a Love List!

    Sherry is on a mission to inspire 1,000,000 Love Lists; please take one minute to be counted!