Monthly Blog Archives: August 2010

Who We Become Along the Way


Simply Celebrate Newsletter: August 2010 One night my beau, Ian, and I were talking about happiness. I was getting all passionate about “happiness practices” and wondering whether it’s possible to “create” happiness. What we came to in the talk was that it isn&rsq...

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Sweet Tweaks.


I thought about just posting this photograph, without any text. When I first saw it,  I was so struck by how magnificent the towers are. And how brilliant the artist was who designed them. But I knew I had to give some credits and well, heck, in that case, maybe offer up what it means...

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I wish for a birthday cake.


I’ve been thinking about something I posted on the Simply Celebrate Facebook Page earlier this morning: “My beau and I were doing the morning 10-10 list together. (Things we’re grateful for/things we invite in). When my son walked in, I asked what he wante...

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A man walks into (or rather, upon) a bar…


All day long I’ve been pondering whether I’m too ambitious or too lazy. The question in my head has been, “Are my expectations too high for myself? Are my expectations too low for myself?” I’ve been draggy. Tired. Wanting ease and rest. But my mind (Is that you Mo...

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Try It; You’ll Like it!


It’s sunflower season! I don’t know about where you are, but ’round here, we can buy bunches of ‘em for $5. Five for $5 usually. Last week, on a whim, I bought a bunch and put them in five separate vases all around the apartment. One in the bathroom (cut short, in a sma...

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How do you want to love?


This week I was fortunate enough to click on a link to a video, Lovebirds, that an amazing artist and spirited friend of mine, Christine Mason Miller, had posted on Facebook. The video is from film shot in the 1940’s by and of Christine’s grandparents. But that doesn&rsqu...

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Imagine them in their Underwear


Yesterday I posted a simple thought to the Simply Celebrate fan page on Facebook: “Walking down the very urban Mission Street this morning, everyone rush-rush-rushing by, I imagined what each person would look like relaxed, with a huge grin on his/her face. Suddenly I liked everybod...

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