All day long I’ve been pondering whether I’m too ambitious or too lazy. The question in my head has been, “Are my expectations too high for myself? Are my expectations too low for myself?”

I’ve been draggy. Tired. Wanting ease and rest. But my mind (Is that you MonkeyMind or is that you MentorMind?!) says, “Maybe we should reach a little higher, move a little faster, create some energy?” “Maybe this human would feel better if she were napping.” “Maybe she’d feel better if she were accomplishing more.”

I’m sitting in the sidelines, as if at a ping-pong match, watching the conversation go back and forth about whether it would be healthy for me to let go a bit  … or stretch a bit.

And then, ahhhhhhhh, I see. I see. This is about not believing either side of the conversation. I don’t have to lower the bar. I don’t have to raise the bar. I can simply, with a little flourish, sit down on the bar and listen to the birds chirping nearby. (As opposed to the conversation in my head.)

Where are you in regards to the bar today? Raising? Lowering? Sitting upon? (There is no right answer.)

(P.S. I realize that “raise the bar” and “lower the bar” typically refer to pole vaulting. Or at least I think they do. But I chose this picture because the pole vaulting pics all made me tired. I like that this bar is on the ground.)