cake on head

I’ve been thinking about something I posted on the Simply Celebrate Facebook Page earlier this morning: “My beau and I were doing the morning 10-10 list together. (Things we’re grateful for/things we invite in). When my son walked in, I asked what he wanted to invite in today. He said, “A good book.” I love the simplicity of it. How possible it is to make happen. And the reminder of big joy coming from seemingly small things.”

This story reminded me of another moment with my son, Kayne, way back when he was three. It was Kayne’s birthday and he was sitting in front of his birthday cake, candles lit and waiting for his gust of breath to blow them out. I said “As you blow the candles out, make a wish, honey.”

After he blew them out. I said, “What’d you wish for?” And he said, “A birthday cake.”

Every time I think of that story, my eyes well up with tears.  It is always the perfect reminder that the greatest happiness in life comes from a feeling of wanting (wishing for!) what I already have.

It’s nearly 4pm. I think I’m going to invite in/wish for/want a wonderful, lovable, very wise nine-year-old boy to come home from school and greet me with a cheery, “Hi Mom!” I close my eyes and whisper my wish…