I’m thinking of you and smiling.

I just returned from a week away on a work trip in Austin. And tomorrow I leave for another big trip! I’m going to France with my son and his dad. 🇫🇷 

My son got a job as a teaching assistant in Marseilles for the year so we will fly over with him so we have a chance to visualize his life a little in the upcoming months. 

I want you to know how much I appreciate you and that I VALUE our journey together. I’ve scheduled some emails to go out to you while I’m traveling. I hope you enjoy them! 


So, on this last day before I travel, I’m just about to go for my morning walk and bask in the light of a new day.

Sometimes it is easy to forget what a miracle that is. You know? Not everyone got to wake up this morning. Not everyone gets to the experience today’s specific kind of light or crispness of the September air.

I’ve heard from some of you lately that you are trying your best to feel joy and celebration in your days, but that it can be hard.

I know. I get that. 

You might be grieving. You might be worried. Maybe life feels kinda bleh. Perhaps someone you love is ill. Maybe some future something feels scary, overwhelming, or exhausting. 

I know. 

I know that sometimes it can be hard to tap into enthusiasm, energy, and vitality. 

I want to remind you about the power of a single moment. 

All we have to do is take a deep breath, give ourselves a squeeze, or place hand to heart, and commit to a single moment of light and joy. 

Just one moment. 

When I went through the deepest and darkest times of my life, when I wanted off this planet, I turned to tiny moments to save me. 

That’s why I still talk about the power of moments. 


I practice that when I start off on my walk. I challenge myself to notice one small sliver of beauty. 

When I do that, my mind starts scanning, following that imperative: find beauty, find beauty, find beauty. 

This is what I want you to do. 


In service of that, before I go on my walk, here’s one simple tip to give you a little uplift. 

Nothing fancy. Nothing big. Nothing that takes too much time or effort. 

Today, at least once, be intentional about how you say hello. 

That’s it. 

Okay, well, let me say just a few more words. 

When you are greeting someone today — a spouse, a friend, a colleague, your child, the postal person — bring extra enthusiasm into your voice. Consider adding a special flair to your greeting. Look that person in the eyes and exude warmth. 

I want you to experience that one intentional moment of bringing joy to someone through a simple hello. 

You may remember that I wrote an article about this a long time ago, “You Had Me at Hello.”  In it, I offer six tips to make that moment memorable. 

Scan that article. Read the tips. Commit to creating one joyful “Hello Moment” in your day. 

Watch what happens. 


Remember, YOU can be the one to lift others up. YOU can be the one to bring tiny moments of joy.

And, that joy always starts with yourself! 

Your simple hello moment might turn out to be one of the most extraordinary moments of your day. 

Creating small moments of celebration really can turn ordinary days into an extraordinary life. 

Take it from me! I’m the girl who desperately wanted off the planet 30 years ago because I hated myself and my life. 

Moment by moment by moment — one pinprick of light after another — everything changed. 

Joy is a practice. 


I love you and am cheering you on, always. 

Thanks for who you are.


Seek celebration — even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry 

✨ P.S. Enjoy the LoveGrams and celebration emails I have scheduled for you while I am away. If you email me, I may not be able to respond until I return the second week in October! However, know that I will certainly appreciate them! I love to hear from you.