Welcome to your Audio LoveGram. 

I’m back from playing hooky! I hope that you gave yourself permission last week to do the same. If you didn’t, just remember that it is important to give ourselves a break sometimes. We deserve it. 

That said, you will laugh when you hear today’s LoveGram, because it is all about the opposite of playing hooky. It about self-discipline! 

I just had an experience that made me think about how sometimes we need a break and other times we need to push through to do what we say we are gonna do. 


Today’s LoveGram is all about checking in with ourselves to see what is true.

There are no right answers. There are no rules! Life is here for us to make moment-to-moment choices about what best supports us. 

Your job is to allow yourself the pause and the spaciousness to determine when it is time to push and when it is time to let go. 

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Thank you for walking this journey with me and for sharing in life’s meaningful conversations with me. 

Never forget how much YOU MATTER. You do! Whether or not I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you or interacting with you, I feel your spirit. 

I know you want close relationships and to feel alive and connected. I know you want to share your gifts with the world and to experience the beauty all around. 

I also know how challenging it can all be sometimes. 

That’s why we do it together. That’s why we have these conversations together. That’s why we are all walking each other home and sharing all the ups and downs. 

Thanks for being here with me! 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry