Hello beautiful friend. 

Welcome to your Sunday audio LoveGram

Today I send you tiki lamps, string lights, and sunflowers. 

I send you a gal in a pink wig and a guy in a pork pie hat on a green tandem bike. 

I send you cream-colored vintage luggage on the steps of a blue and red cottage. 


In today’s LoveGram, we are talking about something the world really needs right now: celebration and play! 

In my audio, I share with you some insights I had after making a list of some “must-haves” for my birthday last week. I hadn’t realized that these weren’t just fun party things, they were truly an elixir for my spirit. 

(To listen to the audio, just click over to this page, scroll down, and hit “play” on the audio player.)


Here’s what I want you to know: 

Celebration isn’t just for birthdays or other special occasions. 

Celebration doesn’t have to be earned. 

Celebration isn’t just for when we’re feeling happy. 

Celebration is essential for us to create meaning in our lives and to make moments memorable. 


After the last two years of so much grief, loss, and disappointment, it is time for us to bring some play and celebration to ourselves and others. 

How will you do that? 

Here are a few questions that may spark some thoughts on your own brand of celebration:

  • When was the last time you celebrated something?
  • What needs to happen for you to plan a celebration? 
  • What kinds of things help you to feel celebratory?
  • What settings feel like a celebration? 
  • Who are your favorite people to celebrate with?
  • Have you ever celebrated something or someone when you were sad? 
  • In the next two weeks, what celebration is coming up? How will you plan for it? 
  • Would you consider celebrating “just because?” What would that look like? 



I today’s audio I share more ideas with you about creating memorable moments for yourself and people you love.

Listen to your audio LoveGram now! 


Be willing to step out of the same-ole, same-ole and create some magic. 

You will be so happy that you did! 

I can’t wait to hear!! 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


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