How are you, my friend?

I’m just popping by quickly this morning to invite you to create a tiny moment of celebration for yourself today. 

Why? Because our time on this planet is relatively short and the years go by and I know you deserve to have as many lit-up moments as possible. 

You do! 


Our hearts love novelty.  

I think they blossom when we have new experiences because they know this is our one ride on the ole merry-go-round of life and each new experience is the thrill of standing up and seeing what’s beyond our own plastic horsie. 


Last month I was staying with my friend, Tricia, on Vancouver Island. One day, while we were running some errands, we stopped in a vintage store in a town called Ladysmith. 

We asked the clerk if she lived in that cute town and she said, “I live in Chemainus, the next town over. It is the town of murals. You have to go!”

Town of murals? Whaaaat? Thankfully there was still an hour or so before sunset so Trish and I jumped in the car and headed there. 

Even the short drive itself was fun! We drove along the water and got to see some boats and some interesting houses. It had been raining, but now the skies were opening up and it all added to the sense of adventure.


Chemainus is a tiny town but it has dozens of murals, all over the place! What a delightful discovery! 

Some murals told historical stories. Some murals were simply colorful or beautiful. Some were quirky. We didn’t know what we would experience around each corner or the side of a building! 

See that photo up above? That was taken in front of a beautiful mural called The Hermit. Tricia and I both loved that one in particular and we stood in front of it, admiring it. 

The town was pretty sleepy that afternoon and there weren’t a lot of people around. However, three women passed by. They stopped and greeted us, with big smiles. 

We pointed out “The Hermit” mural to them so they could enjoy it with us. When they asked if they could take a photo, Tricia and I moved out of the way, so they could get a good shot of the colorful mural. 

They said, “No, no! We want a photo with you two in it!” 

They wanted a photo of us by the mural? Tricia and I thought we heard wrong and so we offered to take a photo of them by the mural. 

But, haha, they did really want us in their photo. We found out that they were visiting from Thailand and they liked our style. So, yep, we posed for them. And then I asked if they would please be in a photo with us. 

That’s the photo you see up above! Joy took a photo of Cynthia, Nancy, Tricia, and me. 

What a lovely (if not silly and confusing!) moment of connection! 

What an unexpected moment of joyful novelty to find ourselves on a February afternoon in a town of murals laughing with a trio of women from across the world!


Why do I tell you all of this?  

Because it is moments like this that give our days a bit of ZING. 

How will you put yourself in the path of adventure or novelty today?

What new road can you travel? What stranger will you approach and learn her name? What new tune will you whistle?

Listen closely for clues. 

That clerk in Ladysmith said “town of murals.” 

That was our breadcrumb to follow.  

What is yours today?

Feed your heart some sweet novelty, okay? Stand up on your horsie and look around! (You even have permission to switch mid-ride and hop on the rabbit, fox, or dragon!)

As always, if you experience a moment of celebration adventure, click reply and tell me about it! I love to hear! 

Seek celebration — even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry