Monthly Blog Archives: October 2009

Meet Karl.


Tomorrow morning I’m hopping on Amtrak to spend a day with my business partner, Tricia, who lives in Grass Valley. I’m reminded of the last time I took the train to see her, when I had a very extraordinary experience: I met someone. When you think about it, meeting someone new is ab...

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Hee hee.


“Laughter is the best medicine” is one of the oldest cliches on the books: But ain’t it true?! This evening (6pm PST) Tricia Huebner will be interviewing improv teacher, Michael Popowitz, as part of Simply Celebrate’s “Lively Conversation” series. Michael is ...

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Creating Your World from Scratch.


Last week I attended an event called, Behind the Emerald Curtain, which is a behind-the scenes look at the making of the musical, Wicked. Whether or not you are a fan of Broadway musicals in general or Wicked in particular, what I want to say is how Wicked&nb...

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That’s a good thing.


I was just surfing around the Happier.com website and came across a short exercise called “Three Good Things.” The exercise invites us to think about three good things that happened today … and why. I tried to do the exercise without giving it too much thought, jus...

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Waking up with Monkey Mind


Today’s Simply Celebrate newsletter was all about waking up into anxiety and depression … and some tricks to keep Monkey Mind from pulling me into the pit. If you don’t subscribe, you can sign up here. The newsletter goes out every month. And is free, of cours...

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Jump In.


I had a dream recently in which I am going skydiving with a friend. I am really scared that the parachute won’t work. I say to my friend, “This is a risk where I believe I might either feel amazingly wonderful and free and strong afterward … or I could die.”  As ...

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I read this contribution by Wes Haley in Leah Garchik’s Chronicle column recently: A Redding newspaper obit for an elderly woman advised, “In lieu of flowers or charity donations, please take a friend out for a piece of pie.”   ...

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