Funny catching

I was just surfing around the website and came across a short exercise called “Three Good Things.” The exercise invites us to think about three good things that happened today … and why.

I tried to do the exercise without giving it too much thought, just to see what items would pop up in my mind:

  • My beau offered to drive my son to school. (Because he is really thoughtful!)
  • I get to work from home. (Because I am so fortunate to have a freelance gig and lots of other work I love).
  • I had a fun email interaction with someone new. (Because I took the time to be present/personal/fun when I was writing him.)

That’s it. Just a simple exercise that took literally a few moments. But you know what … it really did make me happy to do. I know my mind well enough to know that it loves to wander around thinking of things I’ve done wrong or make lists of things I have to do. It loves to whisper worries in my ear. But while I was doing this little exercise, all my attention got focused on good things.

Also, what the exercise did for me was to help me see that good things are happening in my life all the time. I am headache-free. The car is working. My computer is working. My fingers can move and type. I feel safe.  I have an apartment to live in. Fresh water is readily available. The rain is cozy.

The list is endless, of course. And it feels good to remind myself of all the good things happening that I usually take for granted.

It’s just a simple thing. But it works. And I’m grateful to for its dedication to the pursuit of happiness.

Oh, and one more good thing in my life right now: you, reading this. Thanks.