Earlier this week, I promised you I would send you something light and fun.

I got wind of a challenge that the Getty Museum in Los Angles was putting out for people to recreate works of art at home.

My family gave it a whirl! And because it was so much fun, I posted them on Facebook and asked if other friends had tried it.

Check out  the fun and silliness below!

You can see that there are two I did — the yawn and the onion seller. Remarkably, my friend Maya did one of a garlic seller. (Neither of us knew the other was doing it! Crazy, eh?)

Ian duplicated himself as some cherubs. My niece, Nikki, chose Van Gogh. And Deanna got her whole family involved to create a scene from a Jan Steen painting.

I hope these makes you smile!

More than that, I hope you’ll take up the challenge to create one yourself — or make it an activity for anyone who is sheltering-at-home with you!

If you do, please send me a photo, okay?

We always need laughter, but especially right now. It’s good for the immune system!

Seek celebration — even in silly things,
xo Sherry


P.S. Here are some hashtags to use if you post your own art-at-home or if you want to look up other people’s works of art! #tussenkunstenquarantaine, #artchallenge, #betweenartandquarantine, or #museumathome