It’s the weekend, my friend. I’m thinking of you and sending some love and a li’l uplift.

What’s on your schedule this weekend? Do you have something fun planned? Is there something you’re excited about?

If not, if you are repeating the same-ole, same-ole, Netflix and pizza or running errands and making last-minute pasta or simply wishing something fun were on the menu, what if you chose to take yourself on a “makeshift vacation?”

A “makeshift vacation” is a way of creating a memorable moment for yourself or someone else by combining just a few elements of vacation, wherever you are. 

It is a great experiential gift! (You can even create fake airline tickets. hee hee)

It can be as simple as pairing an Italian wine with an Italian movie and tying that Sophia Loren scarf on your head.

(When’s the last time you watched “Life is Beautiful” — La Vita é Bella?! It is so good. Make sure you have some Tuscan tissues on hand!)

Maybe you dust off the beach chairs and put ’em in the living room. Then you fill the cooler with your favorite flavor of fizzy water and some deluxe sandwiches. You put on “Beach Blanket Bingo” or “Jaws,” and slather yourself with some sweet-smelling, coconutty sunscreen.

(For added authenticity, turn up the heat and wear your polka dot swim suit or flowing kaftan!)


A makeshift vacation is silly and simple. It’s a way of bringing some play into your life. (And lord knows, after the two years we’ve had, we all need more play!)

I want you to feel alive and creative.  I want you to feel a renewed energy and the zing of novelty.

I want you to try this yourself because you will experience firsthand how simple it can be to add a little zest and whimsy to your life.

And really, don’t we all need more things to make us smile right now? 

Will you give it a try? 


Even if you live alone, you can do this.

Even if the people you live with won’t appreciate it, so what? Do it anyway and perhaps you will lure them in. Or, invite yourself to a friend’s house and surprise them with a suitcase full of makeshift vacation.

Listen to me: Even if you’re tired and this sounds like a lot of work, you can and should do this because it is will lift you up.

I promise!

Our Squawky Polly minds are always going to complain and drag their nonexistent feet at the idea of something new. Don’t heed any of it. Novelty is one of the ways we can feel a fresh sense of aliveness and energy! 

Do it, regardless of the squawks!

Let me know what happens!

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. Bon Voyage, my friend! Happy makeshift vacationing!

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