I’m Sending you love from Ohio, where pretty little snow flurries are happening and where there is an endless pot of coffee ready and where my sweet mom is in the overstuffed chair, reading crossword clues out loud. 

Ah. Family. Ease. Stopping. Rest. Quiet joy. 

I’m sending you some of all of that! Whatever it looks in your life. 

Please treat yourself kindly after what was likely a rush a tumble month of December. 

Be compassionate and patient with yourself. You deserve it. 


Hello on LoveGram day! 

I apologize that I don’t have an audio for you today. Although I recorded something for you before I left San Francisco, I am having trouble uploading it. My website just got an overhaul and I’m still learning how to use all the bells and whistles! I am sitting at the Sharon, PA library, where I had hoped to get the audio ready for you, but alas, no go. 

(Since I just arrived in Ohio last night, maybe we can blame this on travel fatigue and jet lag brain?!) 

I posted a couple links below (and in the p.s. section) to last week’s audio (in case you missed it!) and to an oldie-but-goodie replay that you might enjoy! 

I will have more time this week to get the audio thingie all in order. 

Thanks for understanding! (As always, I hope that my own hiccups or mistakes give YOU permission to also be imperfect. After all, we are human!) 


Last week’s audio was all about being TRUE to yourself. One of five the regrets of the dying is, “I wish I had lived a life true to myself and not what others expected of me.” 

If you missed that audio last week, or want to listen again, here it is!

I also addressed this question in an audio toward the end of 2020. I was exploring who we wanted to be in the next year. You can listen to that audio here. I bet you will hear all new things now that two years have passed! 


What I most want for all of us is to feel free to come out of hiding, to give ourselves permission to be wholly who we are, and to know that we belong on this planet EXACTLY as who we are.

It starts with reminding ourselves how comfortable we can be in our own skin, in simple moments of connection. 

It continues with being bold enough and strong enough to express ourselves fully. We need to embrace the vulnerability of what this feels like. Many of us are so used to trying to fit in, that when we don’t do so, it may feel a little strange. 

All you have to do is take one baby step at a time! And I’m on this journey with you! 

Here’s an article I published in Kind Over Matter all about this topic! It is called New Year; TRUE YOU! Hope you enjoy it! 

I’m here for you. Thank you for being here for me, too. 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry

P.S. Listen to last week’s “Be True to YOU” LoveGram here. Or, listen to this LoveGram from the way-back files, at the end of 2020, about how we keep our spirits alive and how we connect do the essence of who we are, even when times are hard. Although the question posed was, “Who do you want to be in 2021,” we can simply change that to, “Who do you want to be in 2023?” (Which has a nicer and rhyme-like sound to it!)