Hello Beautiful Friend!

Today I send you the first cup of coffee (or tea) in a favorite mug on the first day of a brand new year.

I send you the sweet memory of laughing out loud with a friend.

I send you a soft blanket, warmth from a fire, and a captivating paperback book.

Today, I send you a little girl giant who surprised me and inspired my audio to you!



Welcome to your Sunday audio LoveGram.

Welcome to 2023.

In today’s LoveGram, we are talking about living a life that is true to ourselves.

We are talking about following the spiritual breadcrumbs or stepping stones that lead us on a path directly to our own hearts.

We are talking about allowing and celebrating the whole range of who we are and every unique aspect of our beautiful spirits.

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When I walked into my studio this morning, darting in quickly from the pouring rain here in San Francisco where I live, I turned on my computer and clicked over to the open Spotify tab.

There was a song open there called “Décollage,” by Balayeurs Du Désert. (My son was proving to me that almost anything I wanted to listen to could be found on Spotify. I had thought I could stump him/it with this one!)

Like magic — or like one of those spiritual breadcrumbs I mentioned!— the first line of this song says, “I learned to clip my wings.”

That line clicked in my brain and connected to one of Bronnie Ware’s “5 Regrets of the Dying”: I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

That song and that regret inspired what I share in today’s audio!


I often quote Ram Dass, “We are all just walking each other home.”

What I mean by “home,” is home to ourselves. Home base. Home in our own hearts and in our own lives. Feeling at home with who we are TRULY.

If I had just one wish for you in 2023, it would be that you invite in the truest you possible. Love and cherish what is unique to you. Trust your inner guidance and what calls to you.

Follow YOU around like a small dog and little boy with a tossing stick.


Let’s support one another in this as 2023 unfolds, okay?

Let’s stay in conversation and exploration.

I see your generous heart.

I see your ups and downs (and all-arounds!)


I applaud you for being exactly YOU.

The people in your life love you for this, too. Never try to hide yourself, okay?

This is our pinkie promise for 2023!

Be real.

Be true.

Be courageous.


Come home to yourself.


Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry



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