Yearly Blog Archives: 2020

Be the Light.


I'm just popping by to say hello and let you know you are on my mind.  I know this is one of the most challenging holiday seasons we've ever had. But we will not only get through it, we will find creative new ways to love and connect.  We can be the ones to shine light for ...

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Sunday LoveGram: We’ve got this.


Hello, my dear friend.  There’s been a theme emerging for me this week. It has to do with finding the energy to bring some love and light to a world so much in need of it. It has to do with the phrase, “radical joy.”  Radical, in that it would be so easy to get los...

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Breadcrumbs of Love


Hello, friend.  Here we are, side by side. Still navigating these crazy, upside down times.  I'm just coming to terms with the sad fact that I will not be with my mom this holiday season.  Every year my whole San Francisco clan flies to Ohio for a couple weeks. Last...

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Sunday LoveGram: Voice Your Love


Hello, friend. I hope this finds you well and enjoying your weekend.  Here in the U.S. it is Thanksgiving weekend and I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be far away from people we love — especially during the holidays.   I would love to support you in...

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Connect with people you love


  For those of you who are in the United States, I wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving week. I know this is a challenging time for many of us who can't be with the people we love because of the pandemic. Our traditions and rituals are either altered or impossible this year. ...

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Show up— even when it is difficult


Hello, friend. Greetings to you on a Sunday morning right before Thanksgiving. I'm sending you the beauty of the big ole, rusty-gold, pointy leaf I saw on the sidewalk yesterday.  I'm sending you the resilience of my hibiscus plant, choosing to bloom even in the chilly weathe...

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LoveGram: Your life is not a contest


This morning I woke up with the phrase, "lower the bar" on my mind.  I lay in bed for a few minutes, thinking about that.  I realized that I need a special kind of permission today. Permission to let go. Permission to step away. Permission to swim around in a big oc...

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Sunday LoveGram: Both Sides Now


Hello, friend. Greetings to you on a brisk Sunday morning in November, 2020. Ever since March, I've been creating these Audio LoveGrams as a way to support us all during this pandemic. Along the way, there have been so many other huge challenges. This week is no exception. ...

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Sunday LoveGram: What story are you telling?


Good morning, friend. I send love +  hugs to you, whenever you are popping by. Today’s LoveGram is posted. I hope it makes you smile.   Scroll down on that page. Click play. Close your eyes. Listen. Breathe. Relax.  This audio LoveGram is inspired by last n...

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LoveGram: Make the Morning Shift


Good morning, friend. I send you love and ease on a quiet Sunday morning. Here's your link to today's LoveGram.  I woke up this morning feeling dread. Everything in my body felt heavy. I couldn't think of anything I was looking forward to.  And then I remembere...

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