Monthly Blog Archives: January 2012

Abundance under my very nose.


This morning I was in yoga class, watching the instructor demonstrate a beautiful handstand. He looked like he was floating. (I usually have this grimace on my face, willing myself to somehow stay vertical — even with the wall propping me up so solidly!) During that demonstration, I ha...

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Chutzpah & charm all rolled up in one.


This morning my good friend Suki sent me a link to a movie trailer, along with a simple note that said, "I know you are going to love these women." The movie is called Advanced Style and is a documentary about stylish seniors in New York. These women are fabulous! Love 'em? Oh...

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This moment; the truth. Lost and found.


Ever hear of backlash? It's that conk on the head when we're not looking. It usually comes shortly after a moment of feeling really good and expansive — when like life is opening up. Yesterday I wrote a post about not being a naturally happy person. About how I don't bemoan th...

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Look out for that (purring) black cat!


I've always loved Friday the 13th, ever since the 7th grade when a boy I liked asked me to roller skate at a skate party the evening of Friday the 13th. That one was in January, too! (And when we held hands, I didn't get too sweaty!) This morning, when I awoke and remembered that it was...

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Take me at my word.


Many of you may have noticed a trend called “one word” over the past few years. Instead of making a long list of resolutions for the new year, folks are choosing just one word, which sums up their intentions for the year. I want to share my word with you for four reasons: one becaus...

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Happy 2012!


Life isn't a matter of milestones but of moments. - Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy   Wishing you a wonderful new year in which you create extraordinary moments for yourself, the people you love, and strangers you pass along the way. An extraordinary life begins with a single moment of ...

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