This morning I was in yoga class, watching the instructor demonstrate a beautiful handstand. He looked like he was floating. (I usually have this grimace on my face, willing myself to somehow stay vertical — even with the wall propping me up so solidly!)

During that demonstration, I happened to start focusing on my breath. I noticed that I was able to take these deep, wide breaths and it felt really really good. I was kinda giddy, standing there and breathing while my yoga teacher floated in his handstand. And suddenly the word "abundance" popped into my head. Just like that. Abundance.

I realized that these deep, full breaths certainly were a form of abundance. They were riches at my disposal. Every single breath was a gift. And I know that sounds all trite and new agey. But what the heck, it also happens to be true.

Today, just for a few minutes, could you turn your attention to this idea that your breath is your abundance. That you are truly rich with life? I'm doing it right now. Silly grin on my face.


P.S. Photo copyright istock. That cute girl is not me. But she sure looks happy to be breathing.