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I’m visiting family in a small town in Ohio. My beau and I stopped at one of the many dollar stores to pick up some badminton racquets. At the front of the store was a big bin of hula hoops. There were big hoops and little hoops. Striped hoops and shimmery hoops. Orange, pink, and lime g...

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Living a Technicolor Life


Simply Celebrate Newsletter June,  2010 Ever had one of those moments that seemed almost cinematic? Like everything suddenly got bigger-than-life and bright as Technicolor? I had one last week and it catapulted me directly into the heart of my life and work. Really. I know that sounds d...

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More Last-Minute Gifts for Dad!


Yesterday I posted a few ideas for gifts full of love that you can make for Dad. If you’re still stumped on what to do to celebrate him, I’ve got 98 more ideas for you! Visit the Simply Celebrate website to register for and download our free gift giving guide, called ...

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Three Low-Cost, All-love Last-Minute Gifts for Dad


If you’ve got one of those dads who has everything, or you are one of those people whose bank account has barely nothing, then read on! I’ve got three gift ideas for you that you can easily pull together in the next few days. Any of the three can be done without spending a dime. An...

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Summertime … & the Living is Easy


Earlier today I posted something on the Simply Celebrate Facebook Fan Page: My son is wearing four pair of socks on his feet and two pair on his hands. He starts to slide around on hands and feet on the hardwood floors. He shouts in delight, “I call this ’sock fun.’ This...

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Remember Snail Mail?


I am attending a conference for a few days and am in the throes of trying to get everything done before I go. There are always lots of practical things on my to-do list the day before I go. There are also always a couple things that aren’t at all practical, but that I really love to do: ...

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