Earlier today I posted something on the Simply Celebrate Facebook Fan Page:

My son is wearing four pair of socks on his feet and two pair on his hands. He starts to slide around on hands and feet on the hardwood floors. He shouts in delight, “I call this ’sock fun.’ This is how I celebrate summer.”

I posted it simply because it was a fun moment. Something a little silly, something that delighted me. But I’ve been thinking about that moment more and more as the day has worn on. I am realizing that what my son was doing is no small thing: he was creating something out of nothing. He was framing a moment. He was creating joy and a sense of adventure using a few pair of old socks and his imagination.

Of course kids do this all the time, don’t they? Cats, too. We have a young kitten who can entertain herself for long stretches of time with a small plastic tab she finds under the fridge or a crumbled piece of paper.

It makes me pause. I want to tap into that energy more. You know, making hoopla outta nothing. Using a little yarn and my imagination to create a magical world I step into. I want to declare something a celebration simply because I’m doing it and it is fun.

Oh, yeah … just remembered … Simply Celebrate!

Here’s your assignment, should you choose to accept it: sometime within 24 hours of reading this, do something silly or zany or yummy or nonsensical and shout, “This is how I celebrate summer.” (If you can’t think of anything, buy a box of Popsicles, invite someone along, and lie in the grass while you slurp ‘em. Soak in the color!)

Remember, all you gotta do is declare something a celebration — and it becomes one.