Yesterday I posted a few ideas for gifts full of love that you can make for Dad. If you’re still stumped on what to do to celebrate him, I’ve got 98 more ideas for you!

Visit the Simply Celebrate website to register for and download our free gift giving guide, called Gifts 101: A Guide for Giving Extraordinary Gifts.

In addition to the 101 gift ideas, there are also some general tips on how to give the perfect gift. I think the most important thing is to spend some time putting yourself in his shoes. (They’re probably big enough to swim around in a bit!) Think about who he is and what he likes. Think about what really lights him up. How does he spend his free time? What does he daydream about? How can you give a gift that will help him feel completely seen and loved?

Check out the gift guide and hopefully something will spark! If not, post a comment here and maybe I can help you brainstorm.

(And if you’ve already got a gift lined up for Dad, download the gift guide anyway and keep it handy — it’s great for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc!)

Happy celebrating!