Monthly Blog Archives: February 2010

Simple Pleasure.


I was walking to the car in our very urban part of town. Something glittery caught my eye on the sidewalk. Someone had made a heart out of tin foil. It made me grin. (Okay, I know it is trash … and trash is bad. But if you look beyond that — it’s a heart just calling out to...

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There’s more to life than aebleskiver.


My beau, Ian, and I spent a long weekend in Hollywood, where I was performing in the Mortified Doomed Valentine’s Show. Driving back up Hwy 1, we stopped at Solvang for Aebleskiver (sweet grease balls of dessert) and wandered around the charming little Danis...

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I opened the box & started to cry.


This week I received a surprise gift in the mail from someone I have never met. I saw that the return address on the box was from my online friend and colleague, Kate Rosin. I’d never received anything from Kate before. I was intrigued. I opened the box and immediately started to cry. ...

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How to Lighten Up


The other night I was visiting with some girlfriends and one of them happened to mention that she had made a lip-sync video —  “just for fun.” We begged her to show it to us, and she finally relented. (Though afterward, she said she was incredibly nervous!) It was SO much...

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Gettin’ In Focus (More)


On Monday I wrote a little bit about focus. That afternoon I went to the library to pick up some books my son and I had reserved online. One that awaited me was Rapt; Attention and the Focused Life, by Winifred Gallagher. I was struck by the lovely coincidence that the book showed up just ...

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Gettin’ In Focus


My beau, Ian,  is trying to learn how to juggle five balls at a time. He told me that he has read and heard from different sources that it can take several months of practice before someone is able to make the leap from juggling four balls to five. He said, “I’m just going to h...

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