mayasingsThe other night I was visiting with some girlfriends and one of them happened to mention that she had made a lip-sync video —  “just for fun.” We begged her to show it to us, and she finally relented. (Though afterward, she said she was incredibly nervous!)

It was SO much fun. We were tickled. I was absolutely taken by the idea of someone recording something like this just for the pure delight of it. (And I understand she emailed the link to a loved one to offer her a little surprise glee in the middle of the day.)

It was  really fun to think about making a video like this. What do you think? Would it brighten your day just a wee bit to ham it up for the camera? Want to try it?

My friend, Maya, has graciously agreed to let me post her video as inspiration for anyone out there who wants to give it a whirl. The good news is, even if you don’t make one yourself, just watching this one will bring a smile to your face!

Here is the link:

Maya said she recorded it from her computer, using the Quicktime application. She said folks could do audio and video recordings through that. She also signed up for a free account with Vimeo, so she could post the videos and share since “the files are big so you can’t really send them to people without clogging up their mailboxes.”

Also, if you don’t already know Maya, you should. She is one cool, creative chick. Maya is a writer, intuitive chef and caterer, diorama artist, and feral hairdresser … as well as many, many more wonderful things — discovered and yet to be discovered. If you visit her website, you can sign up for her weekly “Ten-Line Tuesday” poems that magically arrive in your email in-box each week. Poetry on a Tuesday? What a great pick-me-up!

Oh … and if you do make a lip-sync video, please, please send me the link!