This week I received a surprise gift in the mail from someone I have never met. I saw that the return address on the box was from my online friend and colleague, Kate Rosin. I’d never received anything from Kate before. I was intrigued.

I opened the box and immediately started to cry.

Kate had made me a Love List in the form of a mobile.

(For those of you who haven’t read my recent emails or seen the videos, I’ve been on a mission to get people to put the creativity and connection back into gift giving. The Love List is one of my all-time favorite gifts and one I’ve been recommending to folks for the past few weeks. It’s fun to make, amazing to receive, and doesn’t cost a dime. The Love List is exactly what it sounds like — a list of all the reasons you love someone. It can come in many different forms: a handwritten list, a poster, with photos, on slips of paper in a jar, on a mobile, you name it.)

The reason I started to cry when I received Kate’s gift is because it hit me on so many levels. It was such a complete absolute surprise. It was so alive with care and love. It was magical. It was beautiful to see my idea GIVEN back to me in form. It was so endearing that someone as busy as Kate would take the time to MAKE SOMETHING like this for me. It was completely uplifting to read the items she wrote and to know that they are there for me to return to all the time. It was so affirming. It was so generous. It fuels me to continue my work in the world. It feels like a piece of magic fallen from the sky into my lap.

I have Kate’s mobile hanging in my office and whenever I need a pick-me-up, I read the things she wrote about me. I can feel her generous nature and giving spirit in it. It is simply an extraordinary gift of love.

Why am I telling you this? Because you need to know how important this gift could be to someone in your life. You need to know that it could be exactly what they need. You need to know that it is absolutely worth the effort.

I know you’re busy. I know there are way too many things to do and it is easier to run out to the mall to buy gifts. I know Monkeymind might be telling you this is silly and to just forget about it.

But people NEED to receive these kinds of gifts. And when we take the time (just one hour!) to create them for someone we love, we are transformed in the process. We NEED to give these kinds of gifts.

Life is short and so often the only time anyone ever says these kinds of things is at a funeral, when it is too late.

Don’t wait.

To make it really easy for you, I have created a FREE LOVE LIST download. Fill it out and give to someone you love this holiday season.

Someone you know needs this gift. Will you give it to them? Click here to access the free PDF right now and create an extraordinary moment for someone you love. (And for yourself.)

Do it now.

Sending a shooting star on blue velvet sky,