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LoveGram: Sparkle Stroll



Hey there, beautiful friend!

I am thinking of you and sending love.

I send you the smell of freshly cut grass.

I send you pearly purple pod things — like those pictured above!

I send you a bamboo pathway, which feels ancient and mysterious.

I also send you one of my favorite quotes from Bill Cunningham: “Those who seek beauty are sure to find it.”


Friends, this week, we take a Sparkle Stroll together on my audio LoveGram.

What the heck is a Sparkle Stroll? It’s simply this: going on a walk where we set out to find some pinpricks of light — some sparkles!

We are looking for sights, smells, or sounds that lift our spirits, even a tiny bit.

In fact, the tinier the better.

Don’t worry, I explain it all — and walk you through it — on my audio.

Listen to today’s Audio LoveGram by clicking through to this page now!  (Just scroll down on that page until you see the audio player. Press play. That’s it!)


So, here’s what you need to know about going on a Sparkle Stroll:

  • If you are feeling kinda sad or down, I promise you that it will soothe you and bring a tiny lift to your sweet heart. (In my audio, I tell the story of how tiny pinpricks of light literally kept me going moment by moment when I was deeply depressed as a young woman. This is not a fluff practice. It can save us. It did me.)
  • If you are feeling blah and kinda apathetic about everything, I promise you that you will feel slightly more energized. (Simply walking out of the house is a pick-me-up. But we are also creating energy by focusing our attention on good things.)
  • If you are feeling happy and energetic, I promise you that it will enhance all those good feelings. (And you might be inspired to send some sparkle photos to someone in need of beauty!)

Note: You can simply walk and look for beauty, enjoying it as you go. Or, if you want, when you get home, you can try to make a list of all the sparkles. You can take photos while you are out, make a written list while you are out, or make yourself an audio recording.


No matter how we are feeling, we can seek pinpricks of light.

Intentionally setting out to find these sparkles that lift us up — and putting a little metaphorical frame around the moment— is a way to celebrate.

And contrary to what we are taught to believe, we can celebrate, no matter how we feel.

Package celebration in tiny moments.

Let the tiny light in.

Thank you for being here with me.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry

{Celebration Superstar} Love as Medicine


Hello. Sending hugs. I hope you are doing okay, my friend.

As I’m writing this to you, we’re receiving heartbreaking news from Ukraine. I hesitated about whether to send this out.

In a world full of bombs and killings, how can we even think about anything else? How can we consider celebration?

After much thought, I came to the same conclusion I always do, which is that in the face of violence, grief, and hatred, LOVE can be medicine.

LOVE can make us generous. LOVE can fortify us so we can be there for others. LOVE can give us strength to take right action, whatever that looks like for each of us.

When heartbreaking things are happening in the world, they can be a reminder to us to live our love out loud even more.

I really believe that if we allow ourselves to feel love, appreciation, and celebration — no matter what — we remind ourselves of our humanity and we can find the strength to support our worldwide community in previously unexpected or unseen ways.

LOVE can open us to new frontiers of generosity. Let’s go there, together.

The world needs us.


In light of that, today I want you meet someone in our community who is always bringing love, laughter, and color to the world. Her name is Deanna Bowers.

Deanna is pictured up above and you can see what I mean by color, right?!

I originally met Deanna through an online group of people called “Fluezies” who love a brand of shoes called Fluevogs. (“Unique soles for unique souls.”)

While it may sound somewhat frivolous and shallow to love shoes, my experience of Fluezies, is that they are creative, art-loving, courageous, heart-centered people who want to bring more joy into the world.

Over and over again, I’ve watched members of this community launch loving initiatives in the world to help people are who grieving or ill. I’ve watched them support humanity from a place of compassion and care. I’ve watched them bring joy when it is darkest.

Our Celebration Superstar, Deanna, represents all of those things 👆  — and more. She’s like a beautiful red poppy growing from a tiny crack in blocks of gray cement.

I could honor Deanna simply for the celebration she brings to life through her whimsical and artsy clothes. She wears joy so well! She lifts people’s spirits every day by being a walking rainbow.

However, what you need to know about her is that she is a teacher who cares deeply about her students, she is a friend who loves way beyond the norm, and she is someone whose heart is always open and generous.

Deanna brings to life one of the aspects of “Say it Now,” that I treasure the most: she sees so much goodness and beauty in people and she is courageous enough to tell them so. She uses her creativity to express her love.

And she often writes me to tell me about it!


Here are some Deanna-inspired celebrations — just a few of countless ones she creates:

  • She and the students in her class painted a happy “Thank You” poster to the custodian at the school to let him know how much he mattered and was appreciated.
  • She surprised her husband with dinner at one of the restaurants they frequented during their courtship and she gave him a Love List stack of Polaroid Photos with loving thoughts and memories written on each one.
  • She painted a spirited and colorful portrait of a friend as a surprise in order to help her friend see herself as beautifully as others see her. (It is pictured on page 91 of my book, Say It Now!)
  • She also painted a watercolor for her mom. She shared it with me. And she also told me, “I couldn’t get to the post office until after school was out. I cried because I knew my gift was going to be late for mom’s birthday. So, I wrote a Love List on the envelope to let her know how much I care.”
  • She inspired one of her students to create a 52-item Love List on a deck of playing cards.

(Scroll down to see a few photos that Deanna has sent me over time!)


Bravo, Deanna! What a Celebration Superstar, right?

Please join me today in celebrating Deanna.

I hope her story might inspire YOU in some brand new way this week.


Listen, this pandemic has weighed us all down with so much grief, illness, and discouragement. Everything happening in Ukraine is terrifying and heartbreaking. Every day we hear new stories of grief, violence, and tragedy.

Our world needs us to be loving medicine. Every day.

YOU can be the one to lift others up.

YOU can be the one to bring tiny moments of joy.

Will you consider some ways you might love out loud or wear your joy the way Deanna does?

The more we lift our own spirits and create energy, the more we have to give to people around the world who are suffering.

Please notice what wants to come through you. Notice the little nudges you get. Follow them. Trust them.

Look for the sparkles and tiny pinpricks of light. They will lead you to that experience of generosity and compassion.

I love you and am cheering you on, always.


Thanks for who you are.


Your LOVE matters.

Seek celebration — even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. Below are a few photos that Deanna has shared with me and given me permission to share with YOU!






{Celebration Superstar} Meet Christina!


I hope you are having a good week, my friend. I hope you are feeling loved and that every day you’ve been noticing something beautiful in the world, maybe a tiny bird or someone’s smile.

If this hasn’t been such a good week, I hope that there’s someone in your life who gives great hugs. And I hope you’ve been extra kind and gentle to yourself. I hope you make some tea with honey. I hope you go look at the stars and wear your favorite knitted scarf. 

No matter how you are feeling when you read this email, I hope it makes you smile and remember that, no matter what, we can create a tiny bit of celebration. (Even when things feel dark and hard. Especially then!)


Do you remember last week when I wrote to you about the joy of creating a Super Supper?

(No problem if you don’t remember. Click here to read!)

A few days after I sent it, I received a note from Christina Shook, a friend whom I’ve known for more than 20 years.

Christina wrote to tell me about a “Fakesgiving Celebration” she hosted! (Don’t you just love that name?!)

Christina told me that she’d seen some turkeys on sale at the market and so she bought one. She said, “Then we invited some new friends over for dinner. We did the whole (but simplified) Thanksgiving dinner thing — stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce. We set the table fancy, too, of course. It was a hoot!”

You can imagine how delighted I was to hear Christina’s story.

I immediately emailed her back and asked, “What do you think it was that enabled you to go from ‘Let’s have turkey’ to ‘Let’s have Fakesgiving?’ How did you make that delightful leap?”  

Christina responded, “The leap from turkey to Thanksgiving seemed like a clear path. What are you going to do with 20 pounds of turkey?! You kinda have to share it. Turkey is a naturally celebratory dish that must be shared!”

She said, “One thing leads to another, just like how you described your Super Supper. It’s like that book, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie…”

(Ha ha. In that book, a boy gives a cookie to a mouse and it leads to a glass of milk and a straw and more … and more!)

Christina gave some details: “First the turkey. Then the guests. Then the big tablecloth. Then the candles. Pretty soon you’ve got a Fakesgiving happening!”

She said, “Our friends enjoyed it entirely and they brought the pies. And, of course, we all expressed gratitude and made toasts— which you kinda have to do, with the whole table set with bounty and friends.”


Bravo, Christina! What a Celebration Superstar, right? She took an ordinary turkey and turned it into an extraordinary Fakesgiving dinner filled with special touches, joy, gratitude, toasts, and bounty! 

Here are some elements of this story that delight me:

  • Christina followed each of the little ideas that dropped in. She didn’t say, “Nah, that’s too much trouble to get out the good tablecloth or to dig out the candles.”
  • Christina named the event. Sometimes, simply putting a name to something cements it in our minds as unique and special. We see it differently.
  • Christina invited others into the joy.
  • Christina made sure to pause during that dinner — offering toasts! — to acknowledge the moment and to intentionally celebrate her friends and the bounty.
  • Christina knew that her story would make me happy, so she took the time to write and tell me, thus spreading even more joy!

[Here’s a message just for her: Christina, I am celebrating YOU today! I love this story. I love that you followed the bread crumb trail of creating joy! Woot woot!]


  • I also want to celebrate a couple other things that I know about Christina. For one, that she is a talented photographer who intentionally brings beauty, love, and compassion to her work.
  • I am also celebrating that she is a caring and loving mother and wife. Through the years, she’s always kept family at the center of her world and have made people a priority in her life.
  • Christina has also been a living example of “Say it Now,” by reaching out to me often to thank me for my work or to request a letter for someone during my Birthday Kindness Project.


Please join me today in celebrating Christina.

I hope her story might inspire YOU in some brand new way this week. Will you allow a Give a Mouse a Cookie experience to come to life in some unexpected way?  

Listen, this pandemic has weighed us all down with so much grief, illness, and discouragement.

YOU can be the one to lift others up. YOU can be the one to bring tiny moments of you. They don’t have to look like a big ole turkey and a table full of friends. Those moments can be 100% unique to YOU. 

I started this letter to you with the word, “notice.” I want to end it with that same really important word.

Please notice what wants to come through you. Notice the little nudges you get. Follow them. Trust them.

Look for the sparkles and tiny pinpricks of light. They will lead you to that experience of turning ordinary days into an extraordinary life. 

I love you and am cheering you on, always.

Thanks for who you are. YOU  MATTER!

Seek celebration — even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry

LoveGram: What is Possible?


Hello Friend!

Today I send you the sunrise.

I send you a fluffy, yellow,  baby chick.

I send you an unexpected check in the mail.

I send you a hot loaf of bread, fresh out of the oven.

I send you a shiny, red RESET button.


Today’s audio LoveGram is all about new possibility.

It is about YOU possibility.

I hope you will listen to this audio and join me in a 2022 restart.

To hear it, simply click here. Then, scroll down on that page you’re taken to until you see the audio player and the download link. You can listen right there or download to listen on the go!


We are two weeks into the brand new year called 2022 and my LoveGram today is all about allowing ourselves — no wait, more than that—commanding ourselves to step into what is possible.

I know these past two years have been filled with grief, illness, and fear. I know that you and your family may be discouraged and disappointed. I know it is hard.

But listen, you are here, reading my words, for a reason.


Something called to you about my mission of feeling more celebration and appreciation.

Something in you knows that there is beauty in our lives, even when we are sad, scared, or uncertain.

Something in you resonates with my own story of that deep depression, when the only thing that saved me was a single pinprick of light. And then the next. And the next.

One moment at a time.


Honeybun, I see your beautiful heart and I understand your deep desire to keep on finding the goodness and the joy in life.

I’m calling on you to step up and be an ambassador of love, appreciation, and celebration.

I’m imploring you to be the person in your community who speaks about the beauty you see, who expresses gratitude, who makes people laugh.

(By the way, I suspect you already are that person, aren’t you? Think about it. Maybe you simply need to acknowledge it more. Or maybe you need to lean into it more.)

The world needs you.


So, my friend, let’s all join hands and ask this question together: “What is possible in this next moment of time?”

That’s all I am asking of you: to look at this next moment and consider what kind of love, what kind of appreciation, and what kind of light you can bring.

Here are three possibilities for you:

  • If you’re having a hard time and everything feels bleak, what one tiny movement is possible in order to bring yourself a little comfort or uplift?
  • If you’ve got a little bit of energy and you feel okay, what is possible in order to bring some light and love to one other person?
  • If you are feeling great, what is possible in order to bring that bright energy to a group of people?

2022 is a brand new set of pages on our calendars. Demand of yourself a brand new outlook.

We can be the ones to help set a tone that is positive and joyful. Even if the world doesn’t look exactly like we hoped it would right now.

I hope you’ll listen to today’s LoveGram.

And I hope that you will fuel 2022 with renewed beauty and joy.


I love you and am so grateful to you.

Thank you for being by my side throughout this pandemic.

Thank you for choosing to step out of the cookie cutter life and be courageous enough to live out loud who you really are.

Who you are is absolutely amazing. (Even when you don’t think so.)

You make a difference. (Even when you don’t think so.)

You MATTER! (Even when you don’t think so.)


Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. Want to read more about ways to start anew in 2022? Check out my latest guest post on Kind Over Matter: Re-Start, Re-Set, Re-Emerge. I give some practical how-to’s!



{Uplift Gifts} Super Supper


Hello! I’m thinking of you and sending some love and a li’l uplift.

I want to share a celebration experience from last week that I hope might inspire you to copycat me. I call it Super Supper.

And, it is super simple.

Here’s how I stumbled into this experiential gift: My son, Kayne, was home from college and spent a couple weeks living with us again. It was the best! I enjoyed his humor, positive energy, and lively conversations so much.

One afternoon, I was feeling a rush of gratitude for him and decided to make a special dinner that I knew he liked. That was the very start of what became a Super Supper.

Once I had the plan to make a yummy dinner, then little ideas dropped in, one by one:

  • I’ll use the pretty tablecloth that we usually save for “good.”
  • I’ll set out the crystal wine glasses and buy Kayne some of that “fake wine.” (Sparkling juice in a fancy bottle.)
  • Maybe I’ll get some tiramisu (our family’s favorite fancy dessert!)
  • Maybe I’ll print out little appreciation notes for people and place them by each tiramisu dish.
  • Heck, let’s add a red ribbon to the wine/fake wine bottles.
  • I’ll light some candles on the table.
  • Oh! I’ll light candles in the living room and bathroom, too.
  • Won’t it be cozy if I turn on the “fireplace” in Netflix?!
  • Won’t it be funny if I make a “Happy Last Supper” sign since we have an inside joke about not knowing when he will return to college. (So, every dinner is potentially our last supper!)
  • Won’t it be fun to add some background music of French pop songs since Kayne has been studying French night and day?
  • I think I’ll wear that fun cloche with the red flower!

So, can you see what happened?

What was just an ordinary Wednesday evening family dinner got turned into a celebration — with very little added effort. 

If you look closely at each of those items, they aren’t expensive or time consuming. I bought some Martinelli’s sparkling cider, which costs less than $5 and I bought some red velvet cupcakes (they were out of tiramisu!) which were also less than $5.

The rest of everything — including appreciation notes and the silly sign — didn’t cost anything and took literally less than 20 minutes to pull together. (I’m not counting the cost or time of cooking dinner, since we would have done that anyway!)

Here’s the best part of all of this: With each little idea that dropped in, I could feel my energy rise and I got happier and happier.

I felt such joy as the idea unfolded and as I made it happen. It wouldn’t even matter to me if no one else noticed all those little touches, because I got to enjoy each one.

This is what I want for you.

I want you to feel alive and creative. I want you to feel generous and thoughtful. I want you to feel an added skip in your step. I even want you to feel a little goofy.


You don’t have to create a Super Supper that looks anything like mine. But what can you do to turn your ordinary dinner into something that feels novel and fun?

I love the double entendre in my company name. Simply Celebrate  means “celebrate in a simple way.” It also means, “Hey, just do it. Don’t think about it too much. Jump in now.”

The Super Supper is one of those “classic Simply Celebrate” ideas that you can choose to do with stuff you have around the house. Just add a little creativity and watch what happens!

By the way, I’m calling it Super Supper, but feel free to tweak it if you want and create a Lush Lunch or Bountiful Breakfast instead!

I want you to try this yourself because you will experience firsthand how simple it can be to add a little zest and whimsy to your life. 

And really, don’t we all need more things to make us smile right now? 


Will you give it a try?

Even if you live alone, you can do this. Even if the people you live with won’t appreciate it, so what? Even if you’re tired, you can and should do this because it will lift you up.

My mentor, Brendon Burchard, says, “common sense is not always common practice.” We know a lot of things that will help us feel uplifted and that will connect us to people. However, we need to DO them in order to get the benefits!

Please don’t just read this and think, “Yeah. That might be fun.” I really want you to try it. I want you to experience it, step by step, as the fun fills you up. 

Let me know what happens!

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. I have a little added layer of joy to my Super Supper story. Remember how I told you I had to buy red velvet cupcakes because the bakery was out of tiramisu? Our family had a running joke while Kayne was home about “what the heck is red velvet?” “Does anyone like red velvet foods?” “Should we try it?” Thus, it brought me silly joy to purchase those red velvet cupcakes knowing they would make everyone laugh. (I bought some chocolate cupcakes as a backup!)

P.P.S. My red velvet cupcakes did make the family laugh. But get this: unbeknownst to me, my son also bought red velvet cupcakes for dessert, thinking it would be funny. AND, he bought chocolate cupcakes as a backup, too! We had so many cupcakes it looked like a child’s birthday party! (Note to self: add that to my running LOVE LIST for Kayne!)