Hello! I’m thinking of you and sending some love and a li’l uplift.

I want to share a celebration experience from last week that I hope might inspire you to copycat me. I call it Super Supper.

And, it is super simple.

Here’s how I stumbled into this experiential gift: My son, Kayne, was home from college and spent a couple weeks living with us again. It was the best! I enjoyed his humor, positive energy, and lively conversations so much.

One afternoon, I was feeling a rush of gratitude for him and decided to make a special dinner that I knew he liked. That was the very start of what became a Super Supper.

Once I had the plan to make a yummy dinner, then little ideas dropped in, one by one:

  • I’ll use the pretty tablecloth that we usually save for “good.”
  • I’ll set out the crystal wine glasses and buy Kayne some of that “fake wine.” (Sparkling juice in a fancy bottle.)
  • Maybe I’ll get some tiramisu (our family’s favorite fancy dessert!)
  • Maybe I’ll print out little appreciation notes for people and place them by each tiramisu dish.
  • Heck, let’s add a red ribbon to the wine/fake wine bottles.
  • I’ll light some candles on the table.
  • Oh! I’ll light candles in the living room and bathroom, too.
  • Won’t it be cozy if I turn on the “fireplace” in Netflix?!
  • Won’t it be funny if I make a “Happy Last Supper” sign since we have an inside joke about not knowing when he will return to college. (So, every dinner is potentially our last supper!)
  • Won’t it be fun to add some background music of French pop songs since Kayne has been studying French night and day?
  • I think I’ll wear that fun cloche with the red flower!

So, can you see what happened?

What was just an ordinary Wednesday evening family dinner got turned into a celebration — with very little added effort. 

If you look closely at each of those items, they aren’t expensive or time consuming. I bought some Martinelli’s sparkling cider, which costs less than $5 and I bought some red velvet cupcakes (they were out of tiramisu!) which were also less than $5.

The rest of everything — including appreciation notes and the silly sign — didn’t cost anything and took literally less than 20 minutes to pull together. (I’m not counting the cost or time of cooking dinner, since we would have done that anyway!)

Here’s the best part of all of this: With each little idea that dropped in, I could feel my energy rise and I got happier and happier.

I felt such joy as the idea unfolded and as I made it happen. It wouldn’t even matter to me if no one else noticed all those little touches, because I got to enjoy each one.

This is what I want for you.

I want you to feel alive and creative. I want you to feel generous and thoughtful. I want you to feel an added skip in your step. I even want you to feel a little goofy.


You don’t have to create a Super Supper that looks anything like mine. But what can you do to turn your ordinary dinner into something that feels novel and fun?

I love the double entendre in my company name. Simply Celebrate  means “celebrate in a simple way.” It also means, “Hey, just do it. Don’t think about it too much. Jump in now.”

The Super Supper is one of those “classic Simply Celebrate” ideas that you can choose to do with stuff you have around the house. Just add a little creativity and watch what happens!

By the way, I’m calling it Super Supper, but feel free to tweak it if you want and create a Lush Lunch or Bountiful Breakfast instead!

I want you to try this yourself because you will experience firsthand how simple it can be to add a little zest and whimsy to your life. 

And really, don’t we all need more things to make us smile right now? 


Will you give it a try?

Even if you live alone, you can do this. Even if the people you live with won’t appreciate it, so what? Even if you’re tired, you can and should do this because it will lift you up.

My mentor, Brendon Burchard, says, “common sense is not always common practice.” We know a lot of things that will help us feel uplifted and that will connect us to people. However, we need to DO them in order to get the benefits!

Please don’t just read this and think, “Yeah. That might be fun.” I really want you to try it. I want you to experience it, step by step, as the fun fills you up. 

Let me know what happens!

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. I have a little added layer of joy to my Super Supper story. Remember how I told you I had to buy red velvet cupcakes because the bakery was out of tiramisu? Our family had a running joke while Kayne was home about “what the heck is red velvet?” “Does anyone like red velvet foods?” “Should we try it?” Thus, it brought me silly joy to purchase those red velvet cupcakes knowing they would make everyone laugh. (I bought some chocolate cupcakes as a backup!)

P.P.S. My red velvet cupcakes did make the family laugh. But get this: unbeknownst to me, my son also bought red velvet cupcakes for dessert, thinking it would be funny. AND, he bought chocolate cupcakes as a backup, too! We had so many cupcakes it looked like a child’s birthday party! (Note to self: add that to my running LOVE LIST for Kayne!)