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LoveGram: Old Fashioned Connection



I’m sending you love on this Sunday morning. While I was recording your LoveGram, three little birds were playing happily in the crab apple tree outside my window.

I think this bird trio wanted us to get the message that even though things are unsettled and hard, even though we are still in the middle of this scary pandemic, there is also joy in our own backyards. 

(Thank you, little birds!)

You’ll hear in my audio today that I’ve been so sad this week.

I’m really missing my mom and missing our summer fun that we have — the bonfires and homemade ice-cream and water balloon fights and card playing and leisurely coffee sipping on the porch and trips to Apple Castle for freshly made donuts.

We had a long talk yesterday and my mom said, “It would be so easy to get depressed and lose our minds. We need to stay sane, best we can.”

She went on to talk about one of the ways she stays sane, which is to stay connected.

My mom is an avid letter writer and card sender. As long as I can remember, I’ve received handwritten letters and cards from her. It is such a gift!


So, as you’ll hear in today’s Audio LoveGram, my mom is asking you to please send a letter or card this week to someone you love.

Give someone the gift of being connected. Give them the surprise of receiving something unexpected and personal in the mailbox.

Send some love this week, okay? The world needs it. 

More joy. 

More connection.

Happy surprise.

In my audio note to you, I was struck by these lines in Moon River: “Two drifters, off to see the world. And there’s so much world to see.”

We aren’t able to go off into the world and see things like we may want or wish. But we can share our corner of the world with someone else. We can give that gift of “travel” to someone via a letter describing what we see around us, what our home or community is like, what is in our hearts.

I’m sending you three little birds, chirping and playing — telling us we’re all in this together and we can help each other to  the other side.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,
xo Sherry

If you want to write to my mom, click here and let me know. She’ll love it! I’ll send you her address. She promises to write you back!

If you have a story about letter writing or pen pals, please let me know.

If you want to learn about Postagram so you can easily send a photo postcard to someone from your smart phone, click here. I LOVE this app. It is so quick and simple to create and send a photo memory.

If you want to listen to the whole Audrey Hepburn version of “Moon River,” here it is.

If you want to listen to the Brene Brown podcast I mentioned in which she talks about “comparative suffering,” here it is.  (I love that her podcast is called “Unlocking Us.”)

💌 Thirteen Reasons to Write an Old Fashioned Letter












Today’s my last day of an extended visit with my mom. I’ve been staying in my childhood bedroom for the last three weeks!

Tomorrow I hop on a plane to Tampa, FL and from there to Puerto Rico for my work with Brendon Burchard. I’ll be part of the team putting on an event.

On one hand, I am so excited to immerse myself in the waters of the Caribbean and to reconnect with my Burchard teammates.

On the other hand, there is such a sadness at leaving my mom.

This morning I was thinking about all the comings and goings of life. All of the people I love that I am always saying hello and goodbye to.

I’ve always been super sentimental and not one who easily transitions! There are always tears, even when I know I will also love the people in the next place I find myself.


I’ve learned to be gentle with myself in the transitions. I just let myself have all those mixed up feelings, especially because I know they come from a place of love.

I try to focus on that part of it. The love, not the sadness. Because, of course, the love is always there whether I’m physically with someone or not!


Are you like that? Do you get teary during those goodbye hugs? Or, are you one of those people who can more easily transition from place to place and loved one to loved one?

(Of course there is no right or wrong here. Just different ways we are wired, right?)

It’s been a huge gift to be here and have so much time with my mom, and also my sweet niece who lives in Cleveland.

AND … I’ll tell you another gift: While I was here, I unearthed two big storage bins in the closet that were stuffed with letters. I have between 1200 and 1500 letters that were written to me between 1973 and 1988.



Remember letters?

Oh, my. What a treasure trove. Just seeing all of the handwritten addresses from so many people I have loved — to all of my many different apartments and houses in many cities — opened up a doorway in my heart.

(That photo above is a PILE of letters just from my mom. She has always been one of the most consistent and caring letter writers. That’s why your gift of more than 200 greeting cards to her on her birthday a couple years ago meant so much!)

I was deeply moved by these letters and by the intimacy of this form of communication.

In my circle, almost everyone wrote letters. (Maybe because I was so intentional about it? Or maybe because it was simply a part of their own habits?)

I published a short article about the impact of these letters in a recent guest post on Kind Over Matter. In the essay, I offer 13 reasons why letter writing is so important.

I hope you will take a few minutes to pop on over and read that piece.









I want to challenge you to write to someone you love. I don’t mean a text or a tweet or even an email. I mean write something that you mail through the postal service, so they receive a handwritten card in their mailbox! 

I realize that it takes some extra steps to do this. You need to find a notepad or greeting card or paper. You need to find that loved one’s mailing address. You need a stamp, for goodness sake. But you know what?  The person on the other end will appreciate the time and effort you went to. They will know that you took some extra steps to express your love.

After you write your letter, will you send me a quick email and let me know how it felt? Who did you write to? Did you write a quick card or did you end up writing a whole letter? I want to know if it made you feel more connected. I’m betting on it.

Thanks for being someone who is always willing to put love into action. The world needs this.

The world needs YOU … and your own unique expressions of love!

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

55-55-55 Birthday Kindness Project



It’s that time of year again!

My 55-55-55 Birthday Kindness Projects kicked off on Friday.

Every year for the past seven years, I have been sending letters of love and kindness to strangers as a way of celebrating my birthday.

The first year I did this, I wrote as many letters as the age I was becoming, in that number of hours. 48 letters to 48 strangers in 48 hours. Yikes! I don’t think I got any sleep those two days, trying to finish so many letters. It was exhilarating. But also, frankly, exhausting.

Starting the next year, I got a little smarter and changed it to “writing as many letters as the age I am becoming in that many days.” Ahhhh. Much more sane. As well, I quickly noticed that the sense of connection and quiet joy extended to a much longer period. I like that I’m immersed in this expansion of love for nearly a couple of months.

I turn 55 on October 2. If my math is correct, which I hope it is, Friday was Day One.

As always, I need your help.

Do you know someone who is lonely, lost, grieving, or blue? Someone who is going through a difficult time right now and could use a boost of love? 

The way this works is that I have you email me that person’s name and snail mail address. I also ask that you share just a few sentences about what they are going through and also what you love best about this person. Lastly, I need to know if you want the love letter to be sent anonymously from the Universe, or on your behalf.

I’ve already put out a call for the first ten letters — which went out to my Simply Celebrate community who receive my emails every week. (If you aren’t on that list, please join me! Click to the main page/home of this website for the signup.) I want to invite my blog readers to also participate!

If you are one of the first five people to contact me right now, I will let you know and we’ll make sure your friend or loved one receives some love in the mail. If not, I will apologize + invite you to respond next time I ask for help. (This will ensure my letters are timely.)

Make sense?

I want to tell you that what I love MOST about this project is that there is a circular motion of love in action.

You contacting me about someone who needs a boost is an act of love on your part. When I receive these requests, I get filled with a sense of loving YOU for being the kind of person who cares so deeply. Then, when I write and send the letters, I get to be filled up again with so much love for the person I am writing to. Finally, if the letter is sent on your behalf, you will likely receive a rush of love from the person who got the letter. (If the letter is sent anonymously, we can all imagine how uplifting it will be for that person to receive unexpected kindness in their mailbox.)

The love just keeps going round and round.

What I also love most, is that when I am in the midst of this project, I am reminded every single day that we can always expand the container of love.

We can expand how we love, who we love, and the ways we love.


I used to feel lonely a lot.

Then, over the years, I started to understand that anytime I was feeling lonely all I had to do was offer love to someone in my life, and voila (!) my heart would be full and I would be connected.

Doing this Kindness Project has taken that concept to a whole new level. It has taught me that there is always someone I can offer love to — and I don’t even have to know them. That means there is an endless of supply of love at the ready. I just need to start the ball rolling by offering some.

I have this profound understanding now that I can choose to feel connected any time I am willing to reach out. 

Do you know what I mean?

Have you ever felt this?

I hope you might give it a whirl yourself today.

Reach out to someone and offer a kind word or a gesture of love. Then watch how you feel!

Thank you for being a part of my world. Our connection means so much to me. YOU mean so much to me.

We’re all in this together.

Seek celebration — even in the dark corners,
xo Sherry

P.S. A reminder that when I asked, “Do you know anyone who needs a boost of love,” that person could be YOU. Never leave yourself out of the equation of love. Reach out if you need a boost, okay?