Welcome to another Sunday. I’m happy to be here with you! 

Today, I send you pink streaks painted across the morning’s stark white sky.

I send you the sound of rain outside (or the silent snow!) as you read a good book or eat hot soup inside.

I send you a nap, you snuggled beneath a thick blanket.


I created this audio LoveGram for you before I left San Francisco ten days ago to travel to see my mom. I wasn’t able to load it up last Sunday, but here it is for you now!

Today’s audio LoveGram is all rest. It is about ease. And silence. 

It is about my wishes for you to let go of expectations and that go-go-go mode and instead, to give yourself a little bit of January rest. 

Listen by clicking to this page, then scrolling down until you see the audio player. 


Beautiful friend, it is mid-month of a brand new year. Are you giving yourself permission to relax after a busy couple of months?

This time of year a lot of people are making resolutions for more this and better that. Give yourself some space. Give yourself some grace.

Be still.


Have a moment of simply being, without rushing.

Give yourself spaciousness, kindness, and peace.

You deserve it.

Seek celebration, even in dark corners—

xo Sherry

P.S. Sit for two minutes, completely silent. Just focus on your breath. Or nothing at all. It is amazing how much we can rest in such a short amount of time. When we allow ourselves the gift of silence and stopping, it really pays off.